Installation Issues & Bugs Megathread

Because they don’t have your PC. Tell your friends to stop cheating at multiplayer games.

WTF cheating in multiplayer have to do with bad QA testing for such major bug ?

same issue for me. after press any key the loading thing spins for a few seconds then the music stops and it crashes to desktop. No error message either…

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This thread is far too large, its impossible to read, needs splitting up into sub categories…


i can confirm this.
i plugged in a USB Headset to charge the battery and the game instantly crashes, without getting any error-message.

But, i was able to open the game and the download did resume where it stopped.
But yeah, this little issue should be solved easily.

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I’m getting the disk check error, tried troubleshooting it last night to no avail and was hoping it would be better in the morning, nope.

same issue for me. after press any key the loading thing spins for a few seconds then the music stops and it crashes to desktop. No error message either help please

i cant close ny hitting alt=f4 , the loading screen just freezes on blue progress bar, i can even cntrl+alt+del to enter task bar to ent process ,I thought bugs like this would have been ironed out for the release version now its back to the beta problems

Are other keyboard shortcuts working? Like “alt+enter” to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode? Or “windows key+d” to minimize all windows?

i have exact the same issue

Exactly the same here ! So annoying and doesn’t seem to have a solution :grimacing:

I’m on 100 MBit internet yet the download is struggling to even hit 5 MBit… Microsoft never fails to fail at big launches. WIll be here for a few days simply downloading…

Getting the same problem.

I’ve just tried yet again after work, redownloading which appears to only download 990mb and says it’s installed. Still get the ‘can’t sync your data with the cloud’ then constant checking for updates. All windows is up to date and also apps including game bar. I’ve tried turning off defender too. I feel like giving up.
What a failure. Welcome any new ideas.

Try searching reddit for “download_stuck_with_368_gib_remaining” (cant put a link here).

The fix suggested involves stopping FS2020, removing some of the most recent files from the install directory you selected when launching, then restarting FS2020. (credit to voidbytee on reddit)

I removed all the small patch files which was probably a bad idea as it seems to be downloading about 60GB more now. You might get away with removing less.

Can’t vouch for this yet as I’m still waiting but at least I can see it is downloading again.

Does anyone know why my game is only downloading at about 6mbps, maximum 13mbps, when my internets bandwidth is 50mbps? Nothing else is using up the bandwidth because I can see how much bandwidth is being used on the router (Amplifi HD). Any ideas? Because if it keeps downloading at this rate it’ll be days before it’s downloaded.

Hi, after downloading all the files I had a black screen so I rebooted the game and now the game is always stuck with the blue bar at 1/3 after checking for updates, does anyone have the same issue ? Already tried to reinstall it completely


Anyone know how i can move the install folder of MFS to another drive ?

I have the same issue dude

Did you installed the files on the default path or did you changed it ?