Installation keeps resetting to 0%

when the game came out I played it like 2 times and then never played again. Now I want to play again but I have to install a bunch of updates. I left my computer running for a whole night and day while I was at work and there was no progress on the update. I looked at what it was doing and it seems that every couple of seconds the download gets rest to 0% the highest I’ve seen it get up to is about 58%. I have looked in my comunity folder and its empty. I have also tried closing and reopening the application multiple times. I have looked on Zendesk and on this forum for known issues and my update is stuck on the asobo aircraft update but as I said before my community folder is empty. I wanted to ad a video of what happens with the update but I cant attach a video because I’m a new user.

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Sorry to hear the installation problem. Is it stuck downloading on just one file or is it stuck on a decompressing?

What I’ve found when it gets stuck, is end task on it, then relaunch MSFS. It will pick up from the last successful download.

One thing too is to make sure your Windows 10 and all apps from the MS Store are current. If you looked at the zendesk FAQ, did you try to disable Window auto-tuning? That can be found in this FAQ:
Download stuck on packages / Install loop – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Also, heads up on one of these updates. It’s for navdata (AIRAC) (1GB) and the release notes did not get changed on it. The release notes are for a previous patch - so ignore those notes when you get to it.

thanks for the answer,

the download isn’t really stuck on one file. whats happening is the update starts downloading as it should but it just gets reset to zero every few seconds causing the downlaod to make little to no progress.

I have now aslo done everything they told me to do in the link to the FAQ you posted but the issue hasnot been resolved

Do a search on the forum for: looping
Search results for ‘looping’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Why the installer does this, is only speculation and does effect some users. What works as “fixes” for some, does not work for others.

When it does this, try end task and start again - you may have to keep doing this.
If that doesn’t work, members have found using a program called netlimiter to lower the speed of your internet - really slow. The only problem I had with looping, was on an older laptop using Wifi. Had to use a direct wire. However, there is no “one fix all” here - unfortunately.

I would also suggest submitting a zendesk about it. Zendesk isn’t so much a “support” system as it is a bug tracker for the developers.