Installation on two computers...?

Hello. Is it possible, to install the Premium Deluxe DVD Version or the MS Download Version on two computers? I have a big Desktop PC and a fine Gaming Laptop and i want to install the Simulator on this two devices… :wink: Thank you very much!

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Anyone know the answer to this one?

Yes, you can do this. The game checks on every launch so only one copy can be launched at any one time.

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I have Game Pass, and I can log into two different machines with my MS store account.

All I did was run the installer on the second machine, started the download of the content after choosing the SAME folder as the original pc, and then paused it -> closed the Sim, then manually copied the content folder from the old pc into the exact same folder on the new pc, and fired up the sim. Worked like a charm !

Note: You need to log in with your MS account on the pc you want to run it on. Don’t think you can run it on both at the same time.


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Thanks guys! Like the OP, I have a pretty nice laptop and do a lot of traveling…so it will be nice to take MSFS on the road with me…