Installation stuck at file "asobo-aircraft-c172sp-as1000-0.1.82.fspatch"

After 4 desperate days trying every internet tip to install this thing , I have given up.
At least I got my refund approved within 2 minutes from MS Store.
So sad as I know how good it is when it works.

Mine won’t install either. It is looping over and over and over again.

I have this issue for about 3 weeks now. When I tried to download planes from the market, the content manager downloads the package with no problems, but when it begins to decompress…nothing happens. For hours. Planes that before that were installed for no more than 5 minutes, now don’t install at all.

Today came a major update, but the same happened again, this time with the official packages - it downloads them, but nothing happens in decompressing.

I deleted the game, thinking a new and fresh install would fix it but guess what - now i can’t even install the game lol

I have more than 300GB of free disk space and have done nothing different since the days everything worked fine.

I changed pc and I have been experiencing the same problem for days I am stuck on a file and at this point I don’t know if I will ever be able to finish installing MSFS also because the open tickets have not led to any result and Microsoft support basically doesn’t know how to solve the problem and refers you to the forum and FAQ.
Just expressing my opinion in 20 years of flight simulation I have never had of these problems I have flown FS2004 FSX P3D XP11 and something like this has never been seen…
One word embarrassing…