Installing FS2020 on a second PC

Hello. I recently purchased FS2020 from my Xbox Gamepass subscription (got a discount on the price of it), but now I’m wondering if I can install it also in my laptop. First, is it possible to install it twice? And second, if it is possible, how do I proceed? Do I enter the store from my laptop and try to download it again? I was not given any key when I purchased it. Thanks for your help.

I would assume that if you have and use it on your xBox then all you need to do to run a “Second” copy of MSFS on a PC is purchase one and load it up. There , problem solved the easiest way.

No, I don’t own an xbox console, I have installed it on my pc and now i wold like to have it installed on my laptop too.

Yes you can. You can only run 1 copy of it at a time, but you can install it on multiple computers. My son travels for work, so he has it installed on both his laptop for when he’s out on the road and his desktop for when he’s at home. He’s had no issues with it. He also started with GamePass then bought the PD edition via MS.

There’s no problem at all doing this. If you try to run it on both at the same time it will ask you if you want to kick out the first one because you can only have one user logged into the game at once.

There’s currently no ability to configure different user profiles, so it will forcibly sync your logbook and all your settings between every computer that you log in with the same XBOX user name. Great if it’s you on both computers, less so if it’s a different person in the household.

And yes, just go into the store and look at the stuff you own and install it again. I think you can install on something like ten computers, but again it will only let you run it on one at a time.

A question I have is whether I can purchase an actual license on the same XBOX account that I have Game Pass on, and then use both the Game Pass version and the purchased version on two computers simultaneously. I’m going to guess that this is impossible.

OH, my apology. I assumed that you were running it on xBox and wanted to run a second copy at the same time… DUH… My error. Anyway, you (and I) have learned how the licensing is handled now…thanks to those other nice folks.

Great and quick responses, as you mentioned I just wanted to have it installed on both computers, not running them simultaneously. Thank you!

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