Instant Blue Screen (BSOD) when trying to run MSFS - See Error Msg below


Your problem has nothing to do with the sim. This problem is in your system. Make sure your OS is up to date as well as your drivers. Hopefully you have a good system and plenty of RAM.

All - MS released two fairly large Windows 10 updates. My laptop only took one, the older one took both. Those may be the culprit, since lots of times they install in the background. Try rolling machine back before those two and see if that helps.


can you find this on your system ? ( I wonder bit about, therefore the question )

Negative, I dont see it
here are all the VCC I have installed btw:

yep… thats why I wonder what he/she have seen :laughing:

I found in meanwhile an existing topic:

One user mentioned re-install Game-Service:

unfortunately none of these work
this is getting really frustrating ngl lol

Well, after all these blue screens trying to get MSFS working I had two when on the desktop, never happened before.

I re-installed Win10 so now have another fresh install and the PC seems stable again as it was before. MSFS is now off my system, my other flight sim (DCS) is up and running in VR no issues as it was before. I’m seriously looking at taking @MichaMMA’s advice and going to Steam. It will mean buying the sim again, but in all honesty we as users shouldn’t have to faff around like this to find work arounds to MS’s problems to get our sim working, and risking the stability of our rigs in the process.

I would say this is definitely an issue with the MS Store/XBox app. I do have MSFS on my other rig as a back up, which is also from the MS Store and seems to be working.

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If you’re on a game pass, I would definitely look at getting MSFS on Steam, seems to be the more stable client of the two!!.

oh… these shift the focus bit away from the issue with the store libs, but may be its still caused from the windows update. Or the update in MS-Store does realy broken some things. But here I have not enough experiance about these MS-Store stuff.

Because “Steam”… its just my feeling only that we have more MS-Store users in trouble as Steam users. It can of course also be, because may be more users buy the game from MS-Store. At least all of these update issues related to the MS-Store does the Steam users not have :slight_smile:

Question for if downloading msfs through steam:
If I back up my Official and Community folders will It be possible for me to skip having to reinstall it?
currently in gamepass or ms store you download the installer then you install msfs
is it the same in steam?

I just do not want to purchase msfs if this will happen again lol

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not sure whether all folders in packages are similar for the “basics”… I assume most packages yes, but dont know…

You are realy sure there is no other issue with your system, like it happens as some reason with Edmunds system ? I would not pay twice for the game in generally :relaxed: … there must be a reason for the issue.

It seems odd we all have had a similar issue for it to be our systems. Maybe I was unlucky to get two BSOD whilst at the desktop within 10 minutes of each other shortly after trying for a few hours to get MSFS to load and getting BSOD 8 times out of 10. Also it’s strange that some others had a working sim late last week, only to have it quit on them with this issue since Thrusday/Friday last week.

My system seems stable now as it has been since I got it 2 weeks ago since installing a fresh Win 10. On the few occasions when I have got passed the launch issue and got MSFS running it performed really well on this system, even in VR.

But getting those two BSOD as I did convinced me to take MSFS off the rig for now and look at the Steam route. Talking of which, when you install it from Steam is it one big download, or is it similar to the MS Store version where it downloads the installer first, then you run this (which is where I experienced my first BSOD!) to install the packages and main sim files?

Steam download is only the msfs programm and then these installer do the main job. Therefore we have also a big topic that Steam “verify” not works as expected, it caused re-installing ( if not fixed in meanwhile ). So all is same, beside of the dependencies to libs seems different, you are more “free” ( not these WindowsApp folder ) and you not depend on these MS-Store :slight_smile:

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Like Edmund’s PC, my PC now also starts to get random BSOD while at the desktop. When browsing through the event viewer I noticed that every time I got a BSOD the last log entry before the “BugCheck” entry is the following: “The file system filter “gameflt” (10.0, 1972-02-17T10:03:17.000000000Z) was successfully loaded and registered in the Filter Manager.”

Did anyone noticed the same?

gameflt.sys is the “Microsoft Gaming Install Filter Driver” and part of the Xbox Gaming Services. So if this driver is somewhat corrupt it could cause the BSOD issue. That would also explain why Steam users don’t have these issues. I will try to reinstall the Gaming Services. But maybe the driver needs an update after the latest Windows update.


I only got BSOD at desktop once yesterday and it was same error as Tims. I will save my files and try a reinstall of windows, this should reinstall the Xbox game services drivers, MS store and any other corrupted stuff
I only use my pc for flight sim/ light gaming aside from flight Sims so reinstalling apps like discord later shouldn’t be a problem.

I think there was just a windows update that made the visual c++ and Microsoft store broken.

And if all this doesn’t work then… I guess we wait for the next windows update haha

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I’ve been suffering with bsod every time i’ve tried to load msfs this week - uninstalled, changed drive… still bsod. Just installed latest nvidia Studio Driver - no bsod so far.

had a similar resolution with a rogue Nvidia game ready driver and P3D last year

I was having this problem … I solved it by disabling my antivirus … works no problem now!

yes… this happens often, but for the other users it was seemingly caused by an update / corrupt gaming-service. Intressting would be whether @Kaptajnen1583 had can fix its issue in meanwhile too :slight_smile:

It seems so, if I see these post How do I get rid of these pesky tooltips? . @Kaptajnen1583 can you share your solution too ?

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Reinstalling the Gaming Services made no difference. Starting MSFS still gives an instant BSOD. But after uninstalling the Gaming Services again the random desktop BSOD stopped.

I still find it odd that only so few users are affected and all encountered the issue more or less at the same time. Especially as most of us seem to have fresh Windows installs with up-to-date drivers.

There must be some kind of similarity between our systems that prevents the Gaming Services from working properly. What kind of devices have you connected to your PC? At the time of the first BSOD I had my MS Sidewinder FF2, Xbox 360 controller and TrackIR4 connected.

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