Instrument approach when Flying VFR

Would like the option in ATC dialogue to select an instrument approach when flying VFR. Would facilitate instrument practice. Also needed when trapped on top of a ceiling (real world event).

I agree there should be an explicit conversation tree option in ATC. However, the workaround for practice purposes is to accept VFR runway designation (which in most cases in the sim is also the active precision approach heading), then loading and activating a corresponding transition and approach. The challenge is to do this far away enough that the transition doesn’t become a U-turn ride.

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I have often had ATC clear me “…downwind left runway XX…”, I shoot the ILS and still get cleared to land even though I never made downwind. Not the best but works.
Better is to plan your arrival into the control zone from a direction that will get you cleared straight in. Usually if you are between the transition and FAF when you request full stop you will get the straight in.
Just make sure you know what the active is before setting up.

Thanks. Appreciate the advice. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future.

Agreed. It’s frustrating to watch the U-turn. Sometimes I can get ATIS far enough out to avoid the Uee. Thanks.

Add the words… ‘Practice’. Just like in RL when requesting to practice an approach from ATC.

Same with ‘unable’, so I have a response to ‘Cessna 172, climb to 18,000 feet’

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