Integrated dispatch system in MSFS 2020


We can ingame plan flights and routes but we can’t plan the right fuel for a ifr flight orr soemthing else. I think it would be a good option to plan our recommended fuel for a flight also in the Game. The MSFS 2020 should us then calculate the ammout of recoomende fuel for the planed flight which we will do.

And also with the dispatch system we should can palning oour flights like Simbrief with cost indexes, extra fuel etc. I mean it sucks for people with only one monitor to step the whole time out from msfs 2020 to get the right data’s from simbrief. And also for the xbox release i think its a really good option to have a good functional dispatch system in the msfs 2020.

I mean with a good dispatch system more then plan route and add or remove fuel or weight. It should have more options and datas how i have described above and also it should have the actual weather datas from realife or from the MSFS 2020.

Last but not least. The MSFS 2020 should have in game a good functional ingame Dispatch system like Simbrief or better.



I’d rather have a good integration of simbrief for MSFS for all aircraft than having Asobo build yet another incomplete/limited system in the sim that is far behind third party tools.

Judging from the flight planning “tools” we have now in the sim, I would not think they’d be able to make a good universal dispatch tooling.
I mean for instance, the world map simply always deletes any manual changes to the flight plan and reverts to some autogenerated route and there is no way to stop that.

But it’s just my opinion :slight_smile: