Intel AMD nvidia confusion!

I have an intel processor and nvidia gpu

I am offered amd sharpening in the options and no dlss

Anyone know why?

Using latest studio driver and dx12


DLSS is in antialiasing options, if it’s not there then it’s the game’s fault or you don’t have an RTX card

Which GPU do you currently have?

So here is how it works:

If you have an Nvidia RTX series card, like the 2070 or 3080, then you can use DLSS which is proprietary tech for Nvidia. AMD Fidelity FX Sharpening is an opensource technology developed by AMD that can be used by any graphics card from either manufacturer. Weather or not the sharpening will do anything worthwhile for you, you’ll have to experiment. That’s why you are being offered the AMD sharpening option even if you have an Nvidia graphics card since it works for any GPU. If you have an older Nvidia GTX card then you can’t use Nvidia DLSS because it doesn’t support it.

If you have an older GTX card, and want to use something similar to DLSS, then you’re going to have to wait for Asobo to implement AMD FSR 2.0, which is another open source piece of tech from AMD that again works with graphics cards from both brands.


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Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering about why I had the option of AMD sharpening on my 2070S GPU.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the comments. I have an rtx 2080ti so should be at least offered dlss though not convinced it is worthwhile as yet from many comments.
At least I understand the amd offering!

Where are you looking for the DLSS settings? I had a friend call me today to ask why he didn’t have them and it was because he hadn’t realised he had to scroll through the AA options until it shows DLSS.

If you click on the > sign as I’ve highlighted in red on the screen capture, do you see the description panel to the right of screen that tells you what each AA option is?

Also clicking on the > button should scroll you through each of the AA options. If you have an RTX card DLSS should show up there.

Indeed it should, but it doesn’t!

Oh well, was worth mentioning as it may have been something simple you’d overlooked.

There’s a bug that sometimes it doesn’t show for certain users, there’s no fix at present.

I had the same problem yesterday, updated driver to 516.94, rebooted and it appeared although this doesn’t work for everyone, search the forum there’s an entire thread about it…very frustrating

Did you have a 10** series NVIDIA card in your PC before? It doesn’t support DLSS and if you switched the cards without doing a complete uninstall with DDU it might be a reason why your new card is not supported 100% on your system or rather why this sim might not recognize it correctly . You might try that.

No, same card for a couple of years. And did a clean install of latest drivers.

usually caused by the users itself, because they former tweaked the registry and added the TDRLevel entry.

@RichardHarrisxx here a topic related to the 2080TI : DLSS option missing SU10 RTX 2080 TI - #26 by MichaMMA

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