Intel Extreme Tuning Utility - anyone have any experience?

Has anyone used this Tuning Utility for overclocking? I have an i9 11900k and I’m toying with overclocking it but I have zero experience in doing so.

From what I say this utility helps you overclock?

I would advise not to use it, Unless you know what your doing…You can possibly mess up your PC…I hope I don’t get anyone mad at me for saying it…


I appreciate that advice. I am a complete novice and this at a glance appeared to be an easier approach!

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If you want to get into overclocking, ITU is not a bad way to go. It’s more user-friendly than the BIOS controls in most cases. You can create multiple overclock profiles and switch on the fly, which you can’t do in BIOS. It’s pretty detailed. It also only applies the overclock after Windows has booted, which can be a good thing in certain circumstances.

That said, just turning on the AI Overclock feature in your BIOS and letting it apply a modest overclock based on your memory XMP profile automatically may be the way to go. Beyond that level you’re into manual voltage control etc and then yeah, you can break your PC (though it’s quite hard to do that given the safety features built into modern CPUs).

Do you have good enough cooling to support a constant overclock? Get something to monitor your temps at idle and under load without an overclock, and make sure you have some headroom. Data on acceptable CPU temp ranges for intel 11th gen can be found online easily enough.

Lots of good guides online on YouTube etc. Do some research and have at it. Don’t expect miraculous improvements, though; your CPU will already turbo quite high so you’re getting some benefit of faster-than-stock clock speeds already.

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Thank you very much. Wasn’t aware there was a auto overclock option in the Bios. Trying to get some more performance out of the CPU if all possible.

The cooling I have as follows

CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Lite 240 High Performance Liquid Cooler

Do you know if this is sufficient

I’ve also come across Performance Maximizer Overclock Software?

There’s almost always an AI Overclock feature on modern boards. You may need to go into ‘advanced mode’ in the BIOS to get to it, though.

Yes, AIO cooling will generally allow for a decent overclock compared to air cooling.

If you’re going with Windows-based overclocking rather than BIOS-based, for an Intel CPU, I’d strongly recommend sticking with ITU. Usually if your motherboard maker has a Windows-based tool it’s just a white-label version of ITU badged with their branding anyway.

My recommendation would be, try out the auto overclock in the BIOS first and see how it goes.

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Thank you very much I will give that a go. I presume the auto OC in Bios is relatively straight forward?

OC through BIOS settings is better than software.

Nope - not recommended.

Go to OC forum


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Thank you very much.

I’ll check it out - thanks again

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