Interaction between pc and vr graphic settings?

Do pc graphic settings have any effect on vr graphics or vr performance?

Before the last two updates, some people found that setting a 200% render resolution in 2D resulted in a clearer image in VR with the same VR settings. Since SU5 nobody seems to have achieved the same result.

Other than that, there are no 2D graphics settings that impact on VR that I am aware of.

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In the Config File - Filmgrain must also be deactivated for Flat.

At the very beginning of the VR implementation (check my tag near my pseudo), some settings was affected between Monitor and VR, like the vsync. Vsync ON on monitor side had an impact on the VR side. This is not the case anymore, even if they introduced a new “collision” between both, at least on my configuration. If I play in VR and leave the Sim from VR, the VSync ON set on Monitor settings turn OFF, and will be OFF when I restart the Sim.
I guess this is because in VR session they force the vsync to be OFF (obviously as you don’t want the monitor refresh rate influencing the headset framerate) but forget to turn it at its previous state at the end of the VR session.
That’s why I have at the NVidia driver level a fps limiter set to 100 to avoid overheating in menu (60Hz my monitor or 90hz my headset, so 100 is enough).

For other settings, I always minimize the 2D monitor resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 windowed, but it don’t have any influence on the VR session AFAIK, it just allow me to ALT-TAB or click outside the window to change stuff outside MSFS.

I’ve been having problems in VR for nearly a week where motion smoothing would “rubber band” badly. I couldn’t attribute this to the driver or the settings for certain yet, although I believe there is at least 1 graphic setting which begs for being the same in 2D and VR: Texture Quality.

In effect, this is the only setting requiring restarting the game and I suspect if you set for example 2D to ULTRA and VR to LOW (just for the sake of using extremes), the game won’t deliver the same perf compared if both were set as LOW.

It might not be the case and they might have done it correctly, but given the settings spilling in the past, and my recent experience where I couldn’t get same VR perf as before until I revert both the driver back to 471.68 AND 2D Texture Quality back to VR Texture Quality, I’d rather stay conservative and use same level for both for now.

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