Interested in flying from Maryland/Baltimore airports?

I live in the Baltimore Maryland area. I’ve been flying out of Martin State, Frederick Municipal, BWI, Ocean City, etc.

I’ve just been goofin’ around, nothing serious. Just getting used to different planes, exploring the scenery, practicing landings, doing touch and gos, buzzing the tower, buzzing the fuel trucks, buzzing the… whatever :slight_smile:. Thought it would be really cool to try formation flying with a friend.

I’ve seen others flying out of the same airports but there’s no way to communicate (that I know of). I’ll try to match speed and rock my wings to get their attention. Figured it would make sense to post here.

Anyone up for some super casual goofin’ around at our local airports?


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hi. up in the top right you can see a discord pop up that brings you at the flight simulator discord server.
if you go there there is a section where you can ask people to join with you or you can just go on call and ask
hope it’s usefull

Hi Michael, I fly around that area too if you wanna link up.

Hi, thank you for the reply!

That sounds good. I couldn’t get on the PC today, maybe tomorrow?

We can try Martin State first, I’ve been getting pretty good frame-rates there.

What plane do you use the most (so I can choose the same for matching speed/performance).

Really looking forward to it!

I fly out of Freeway (W00) don’t know how to use discord, though. :frowning:

Hey there. Do you fly out of Freeway in real life as well? That is my home airport IRL.

I don’t, but have been thinking about continuing my PPL there if I can.

I fly the same airports and would like to fly with you. You can find me at RESENTEDBLOCK31 AS I’m up on the sim most evenings. Email address is

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