Interesting AI traffic activity

I didn’t see anything in the change log for the latest update this past week, but I noticed this morning that some AI traffic is starting to operate at the airport. I was at LAX this morning and watched 4 aircraft takeoff while ONLY using live traffic. It was using the correct airline/aircraft as well. Just curious if that was some luck or if anyone else has noticed this? I have only tested LAX thus far, but traffic was using pushback tugs and the baggage and catering trucks as well. Maybe some hope on the horizon for live traffic. (I do have AIG installed, but it was not operating at that time.)

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I am still seeing the same old error, missing front under carriage on ai live traffic that are supposed to depart so I dont think anything’s been touched in terms of this long standing bug.

No, there were no fixes in that update.
WU = World Update, scenery additions only
SU = Sim Update, sim issues and problems addressed.
For a while there were some issues fixed with WU’s but apparently that is no longer the case.
If you didn’t see it in the change log, it wasn’t done.

What mods do you have installed? Because with the vanilla sim, neither of those are currently possible.

Only mod I have installed is AIG traffic files, but with AIGTC not running, I am able to see live traffic. I am literally looking at FR24, finding the callsigns and matching them. If I run AIGTC, I get far more traffic, however, its obviously not real time.

That certainly explains the correct planes and liveries then, as if you have the traffic files (even if not using them with AIG Traffic Controller), it also downloaded all the plane models and liveries to match the traffic. And even without AIG running, the sim will still use the AIG models and try to match the liveries best it can. That part is completely attributable to AIG being installed.

However, the departures are puzzling. There haven’t been departures in the sim since SU5. At least not without using 3rd party mods to get it working. I also have AIG installed, but was running just live traffic and I’ve not seen any departures. At least not yet.

Live Departures I’ve not seen for a long time. Using AI Offline plus schedules to override the stock BGL Aircraft Activity file works. I just posted a ton of them in User Screenshots Gallery.

I have noticed for me, it take about 10-15 min for the data to be loaded in for traffic, but once it loads in, I see aircraft moving for takeoff and landing. It isn’t any sort of lineup or anything, just a few scattered departures. Also, all of the traffic on the ground has the nose gear visible, which I know has been an issue. I also had traffic in the past that didn’t have front wheels. I also tested at DFW and was able to see a couple departures. I’ve seen 737s, 747s, CRJs, ERJs, and Airbus all take off in a span of half an hour or so of just orbiting around LAX and DFW. The data definitely seems to take a while to ingest for traffic though. I have been having FR24 up and watching for planes and every single one that is moving is also on FR24. I have not used offline traffic for a long time either.

I’ve sat at airports for long periods of time as well to test the Live Traffic behaviour. I’ve done it at KATL, CYYZ and KLAX specifically. I observed pretty much the same thing you did, but no departures. That said, I’ve only done that (unintentionally) once since the last update while I was working on and testing some Air Manager instruments. I spawned in at CYYZ and my UberEats driver arrived with my food, so I stepped away from my computer for about 30 mins. Came back to a significant amount of traffic landing and taxing to gates, but nothing departing as usual.

Do these departing aircraft have the standard MS AI labels?

I’ve seen aircraft with and without labels depart, but all are operating as real world flights.


This was SKW3333 from LAX to EUG. It isn’t the right livery since it should be ASA, but it used ATC for the departure and everything. The live traffic still leaves a ton to be desired, but I just happened to notice this today and was wondering if others were having the same experience. It would be nice to have live traffic on all the time and have a steady flow just like real world ops.

So upon further investigation, I am noticing the vast majority of the departures I am seeing do not have any sort of label on them at all and when I open up AIGTC to view the map, while NOT injecting any traffic, they are labeled AI0000. It is still using the airlines, though obviously not 100% accurate. There are plenty of other aircraft drawn in for live traffic with live traffic/callsigns, but they are not moving, which is expected since its been broken for a while.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities since we’ve established this is AIG related.

AIxxxx Registrations are added by AIGTC to replicate the non departing online AI.

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Thank you for that. I was not aware of that and was excited for a minute that just maybe AI is being slowly worked on.

Hello friend, in the descriptions of the forum there was the item that was part of this update and that it would finally look good. And yes friend, it has been working, I have tested between almost an hour and two in 5 airports with heavy traffic and they have been perfect. Amsterdam this morning (March 3) saw about 12 flights taking off and about 10 landing and parking. Let’s hope we continue in Heaven with FS2020, and if the Asobo developers read this, please please don’t touch that aspect because it’s working, ohh and with lights too.

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