Interesting camera tweak - How did he do that?

Please take a look at min. 41:07.
His external camera has the standard wide FOV with the usual fisheye lens distortion.
But then he quickly changes that and zooms in so that the environment is less distorted, but without zooming in on the aircraft itself.


Looks like he i zooming in while moving the camera backwards.

But that’s not what’s happening.

It’s not just zoom, he changes the FOV while barely changing distance to the aircraft in the center of the frame. The result is more natural proportions of the aircraft.

This is the Drone Mode

That’s what I was going to say. In fact, I made a video of me doing that very thing on FSX back in 2015 or so. It’s a weird effect, if both are done perfectly simultaneously:

Its also trick used by real drone pilots flying backward slowly and using pan crop tools in post production to change the field of view. Ive used the effect myself in FSX videos when I was big into making videos

It is:

Yes, but I meant he is not doing it just with the keys in external view, or is he?
I guess it is done via drone cam.

I always forget about the drone…

Almost sure he hit the + key to do that. (Drone mode)

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