Interesting FPS boost

Hey! My PC is really bad, exept from my GPU. I’ve watched a lot of FPS boost tutorials for the sim and nothing worked yet. I played with the settings while in a flight, and this thing happened:

I had Shadow Maps on 728, because i thought it was the best for my performance. I just tried to turn it on to full, i think its 2048, and suddently my FPS just boosted at least 5-10 frames.

Remember to turn down the Glass Cockpit setting to medium or low, because that also helps to boost some frames.

I have always been struggling with FPS when it comes to flight simming, and i feel with everyone that has issues with FPS, and i REALLY hope this works for you as well

I think for the shadow maps i mentioned the numbers a little wrong, but it was something in the 700’s and 2000’s :smiley:

That is normal. If you are CPU limited then make lower settings to make the CPU do more work, you get lower FPS. It is all about finding the balance between CPU and GPU usage.

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Do you know any more settings thats better for a CPU limited setup that can balance with a rtx2060?

No, I don’t have the same hardware. Using the task manager to see CPU and GPU utilisation may help. But I just tweak until I get something I like myself.

You might want to read this, it might help you (or not):

My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

Increasing the shadow map resolution, turning shadow maps from 728 to 2048 should result in a loss of performance, no?

however performance is highly variable, i think this could just be a placebo with the inconsistent framerates of this game.

if you are cpu bottlenecked, shadowmaps 768 to 2048 could have precisely 0% impact on performance, but it won’t increase it.
if you are gpu bottlenecked, chances are going from shadowmaps 768 to 2048 could have a performance impact.