Interesting, Laudatory, and Honest Review of MSFS in Gizmodo

I enjoyed reading the following review. Maybe you will, too.

One of the funniest things is the guy’s upfront comment:


$59.99-$119.99 for the game, additional $879.97 for the peripherals

And I would say the author’s name, “Tim Pilotman” - has got to be a pseudonym or else his birthname ordained him to be a pilot from the day he was born…

@ModeratorTeam I’d like to suggest some sort of tag such as “press” or “news” to tag outside commentary about MSFS with.

From the end of the article:

  • I strongly recommend acquiring a Track IR 5 which tracks your head movements for pitch, roll, yaw, forward-backwards, left-right, and up-down in order to control camera orientation in the game. This completely transforms and completes the experience. It makes flying the sim so much more natural and smoother.

(editorial comment): Tim Pilotman is a pseudonym, but it would have been cool if his real name was Tim Pilotman.

He also says in the article that Microsoft supplied him with the gear that he used to do the review (see gear list midway through review - can one even buy the Thrustmaster pendular rudder pedal setup anymore? $570 retail???

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His review seems spot on for the type of flying he wants to do and the ones he mentioned in there.

I am a little skeptical, maybe overly, but he glossed over the CJ4 as a replacement for his bigger regional jet. I assume he knows how to do instrument flying in bigger jets and none of this talks about that aspect of it. For him not to mention that in a deep review and the fact he was given the gear seems to indicate he would like to stay on good terms with whomever hooked him up.

Actually, I would do the same as him if they gave me that setup. :slight_smile: