Interesting new A320 /A32NX sim hardware

Has anyone seen this pretty cool A320 flight sim hardware from Java simulations? They look very new and couldn’t find them mentioned on here anywhere so thought I’d share. Their website is still being finished with some Lorem ipsums still present.

They’re from Thailand can’t see any reviews as yet elsewhere but says they’re compatible with fs2020 and a32nx et.

If we had a more stable sim and mult screen functionality I’d be all over the mcdu and glare shield units for My home cockpit. :rofl:

And no Ihave nothing to do with them!


Yeah, I spotted them about 6 months ago but, like you, can’t find any reviews so not sure whether to pull the trigger.

yes there is not enough information to justify a purchase… what sort of software is used to interface with fs2020 etc. It might just be some 3d printed elements , cnc faceplate with arduino and lots of wiring and 7 segment display units etc. Its interesting to see what will be available within the next year or so

attention product of very average quality I do not recommend

Is it ok if you give a detailed explanation on the product I’m looking at making a purchase and would gladly hear your first hand feed bank
Thank you

What did you buy and how long did it take between the time you purchased to the time you shipped?

I purchased the airbus MCDU 10 days ago and my order shows “processing”. Sent them a message with no response. Glad to see someone else bought and received their product. I was getting nervous that they may be a scam site or something.

Update… its been now a month and a half and my order is still processing with no response from java

Did you end up receiving your product?