Interesting Places to Fly - Part Deux

Visited two interesting cities in Italy:

Venice. Interesting for obvious reasons.

Palmanova. The city streets are shaped around it like a star.

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Verdon Gorge, France

That one is on my list of places to visit.

I’m surprised it wasn’t included in the France update…

(well actually maybe not, not until they fix their morphing problems)

Bavljenac area Croatia. Several cruise ships.

The Lion Point UK. Took me a while of flying around in circles to find it.


St Michaels Mount (UK)

Sigiriya (Sri Lanka)

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For Eastern US states with great vfr flying

West Virginia
Key West Florida area

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An interesting fort on the top of a rock. I can’t remember for sure which island it was but it was close to Guadeloupe.

This one is in Lebanon or Israel. Reminds me of Lukla or Coruchevel.