Interesting Places to Fly - Part Deux

A continuation of this thread: Suggestions for Interesting places to fly?

Today had some fun flying into WMBT a little island off the coast of Malaysia. It is one way in and one way out. You have to make a steep final turn to line on account of the mountains.

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Patrolling the oil rigs off the coast of Louisiana.


Wow! Departure airport and direction please!

I took off from L83 airport. Then head south east to about these coordinates
28° 49’ 30.11" N 90° 5’ 3.96" W or 28.824698967928274, -90.08485959891955.

You will see them not too far off the coast. It is like an ocean wind farm without the blades.

A visit to Pilgrim Monument yesterday.

Visited Vikos Gorge in Greece today.

Not the best day to visit Kerlingarfjoll. I made two attempts. Once from BIKE but made it to BISP without seeing much. On the second attempt had to return to BISP due to the bad weather and icing.

I will have to return another day.

A visit to Mount Iwaki.

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Pinon de Guatape Colombia

Piton Mountains in St. Lucia

I keep flying out and around Nebraska it’s very interesting state to fly over lots of wind turbine farms out there to explore once you hit the rural areas

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A brief tour around the nations capital.

You don’t have to go to Alaska or PNG for some amazing bush flying you can get some right in the NC/VA/GA backyard.

You can go to 2NC0 and test your golf and landing skills. Amazing airport in the middle of a golf course, on a mountain.

GE99 is also a challenging airport. The fog made it even more hair raising.

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Cliffs of Doher. Default scenery not that great or my graphics are awful (High Settings).

Forth Bridge in Edinburgh

Flying around the peaks of the Isle of Skye.

The Carolina outer banks are awesome in the icon a5

On my way to LSZS from LOWI I decided to visit Puez-Geisler Nature Park.

Things were going great until I ran into IMC weather.

It cleared up after about 5mins but I had already decided to head to LSZS my destination.

In search of Mount Matterhorn. Looks like the weather is cooperating.

Of course I have no clue which peak is the actual one.