Internal compiler error / XML parse error

Hello guys, ive just spent 6 hours modifying Dubai int, i changed the jetways, added static aircraft and improved airport environment but after all that work i get these errors when i try to build the package, does anyone know what they mean and how i can overcome this? thank you so much!!!

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Looks like your XML is malformed. The compiler can’t find a closure for your airport element. That is, you should have:

<Airport name="blah" ...>

Agree. I use the SDK documentation extensively. Quoted:
Airport Definition Properties

Finally, the XML document for an airport must have the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <FSData version="9.0">
            <!-- Airport Data Elements Here -->

im so sorry, im confused as to what you mean, are you saying i should rename the XML? what exactly should i do?

Im a bit new to this, how exactly can i fix this? luckily i have it saved but here are some photos, i can send it to you guys if youre interested once the issue is solved