International Chart Sources

I’m looking for official chart sources - not collections hosted by virtual airlines or flying clubs. Here’s what I have so far:

US and territories





New Zealand

I’d like to get sources for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and possibly others that border the Mediterranean.


A useful list, but these are the source material for all the charts available in ChartFox, where some good folk have made the considerable effort of organising them for ease of access.

It is nice to access the eAIP directly at times for things like VFR rules, but what do you see as the main advantage of your directory? (Which you would like to think the ICAO would publish and maintain?!)

Here are some countries you asked for and some other ones. I don’t think that Swiss charts are free, so they’re not in the list.





South Korea:

Various African countries:


Totally recommend … and best of all it is free :slight_smile:


+10 for Chartfox

Just registered. Thanks for the information…

They are not. One has to buy them. Its called „VFR Manual“. If we are talking about VFR flights. Otherwise, a Navigraph sub would be the cheapest solution for IFR and flightsim use.

ChartFox doesn’t have up-to-date charts for Canada, use

They have VFR, IFR and Terminal procedure / Approach charts.

Please note that FltPlan is a real world resource so don’t file flight plans for flight sim usage.


@Maki152 I will have to check out then. It is annoying how hard it is to get Canadian charts for free. (I have some paper ones, but they are way out of date now!)

@N316TS You rock! Got those copied and I’ll have them in a bookmark folder later. The biggest thing I’m looking for is aerodrome charts that show taxiways and parking. I print those along with ILS info from the link below printed on the back, along with nearby VORs if available. I try to find “official” sources since they should be up-to-date. I have a chart for Sion, but it’s dated 2015, and was the most recent I could find.

Here’s that link…

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For the ILS info, I compile the data from the above site into an easy to quickly read spreadsheet that gets printed on the back of the chart. KRDU looks like this:

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I just added South Korea. If I think of any other ones I’ve come across, I’ll let you know!


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