Internet connection and stutters

Every few seconds I have a GPU performance drop, FPS drop, and stutters. it is regular and in Task manager looks like W letter. When I disconnect ( physically disconnect) from an internet connection it stops. But if I only disable online functionality in the game it still occurs. It occurs even in a game panel with no flight loaded.

Most everyone with a good GPU is CPU-limited. Network threads (in code) are CPU related.

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if you struggling with your Flight simulator were your Bing Maps and photogrammetry is being switched off here is a probable cause. Websites are experiencing streaming issues due to low bandwidth from the following server hosts, these are some of the affected websites with problems this will also affect certain games and simulators like MSFS 2020. To check if your favourite services are down in your area or having issues click on this link [ to check.

I have Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz so prabobly not CPU limited

Even people with the best CPU in the world are CPU limited in MSFS. It doesn’t mean they have a bad CPU, it just means the game has several performance issues that are CPU related.


No you are. I have the same. Single core speed isn’t great with the 11900k. MSFS only uses one core which is a problem for us. For example, 10900k has faster single core speed.

We are well and truly main thread limited.


MSFS definitely uses more than one core but I don’t disagree that having a faster speed per core would help in some cases. But not necessarily this one. If the game is still relying on slow network data then a faster core might not help anything.

HethrMasn is correct. This sim is very CPU heavy, not nearly so much GPU.

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note: do a right click in taskmanager in CPU diagramm and let show Logical Processors… then you might better understand what @HethrMasn mean…

But the reasons for stutters each seconds can be different. Just use the forum search function and you will find lots of existing hints about…

At first you should check whether there is a relation to cpu-load with these stutters ( then simple reduce lod ). But also other things like connected devices can cause it, other processes/tools etc…


One way to test if the CPU code is causing the stutters (instead of the GPU/driver) is to reduce your graphics resolution to minimum, which reduces the GPU load substantially.

Even with Low settings, this regular stutter occurs. And on my phots, I don’t see any CPU loads. It even happens with no flight loaded only in game panel

Your first screenshot shows a 31% load on a 16 thread CPU. That’s substantial for a CPU-limited title such as this.

If you multiply 16 threads by 31%, that’s essentially 5 threads fully saturated (including overhead). That’s what I mean by MSFS definitely uses more than one core/thread.

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OK get it. But why it is so regular and why happens also with no flight loaded so no data to download yet…

I recommend just turning off developer mode and ignoring that graph, because it’s going to show a lot of stuttering all the time.


because, as mentioned… there are may different reasons possible :slight_smile:

Just scroll a bit through the forum and you will get some ideas: close app which runs in parallel, re-create rolling-cache, close developer-mode ( @HethrMasn usefull hint ) , may if you use a VPN, etc etc etc…

Why it happens in Pause we can also only gues… we not sit in front of your pc and can directly check what we have in mind ( and we not want to repeat hints from existing topics again and again ).
Also you are not in Main-Menu in your screenshot, you are only in “pause” and I assume the game renders still the background and do may still pre-download some stuff in that case .

If you get this stutters, I hope we speak about stutters you notice and not only see in a diagramm, also in the main-menu, the chance is high that it comes may be from a parallel application.

Also try to set a max fps limit in nvidia controll center… this should also avoid “bad spikes for the eyes”.


If the stuttering is something you can see or feel, and it occurs at a certain interval (e.g. every 10 seconds or whatever) then it might be some other task or application causing it. As @MichaMMA said there can be a lot of different variables involved when diagnosing this type of issue. If it’s not something you can actually see or feel while flying (without looking at a graph) then I would just ignore it.


yes, I feel those stutters especially in VR it is not only in a diagram. Of course, I tried different tips but nothing helps. In a second photo, it is actually a game paused but as I said it also happens in a game panel.
That is why I m asking you maybe someone had the same issue…

That’s all too common unfortunately. It’s hard for me to say what the true issue is without your PC in my hands.

I had stutters getting a new router fixed it for me after trying everything. My service provider swaped it out for me.

I have stutters. but I dont think that is because of Internet problems. I have expirenced that MSFS uses my GPU kinda weird. It jumps between 100% and 0% usage very fast and the GPU cannot keep up with automatic throtteling