Internet disconnected during flight

Ok so my internet dropped half way through flight. I had bing map steaming on. Noticed textures were terrible so went into options, turned online functionality off then back on, went back to sim and the textures were still terrible. So I’m assuming once you’re disconnected you can’t reconnect and you have to suffer offline mode until you restart a flight?

In my cases (3 or 4 times) I was reconnected automatically. I was just keeping flying waiting to be reconnected what happened in 2 or 4 minutes. I was not turning online functionality off.

It has happened a few times, just re connects. I swear the servers can’t handle it. I have a good internet connection, but the loading of scenery is real bad.


In my many many hours since launch have only had internet drop 2 times and it always came right back, during flights. My plane is in the air a lot. atm showing 182 hours in game per Steam.

I have a lot of problems, as well
My internet speed is 1 Gbps

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Ok thanks everyone. I discovered it was my internet that was causing an issue not the game. Kept on dropping.