Introducing the 2021 MSFS Endurance Race Series (Charity fundraising group flights)

Looking forward to the Dakar rally trip! We should switch aircraft at each fuel stop :grin: Keep up the amazing work, guys! Love it! :airplane::v:

Australia in April will be a blast, guys beware of the great Australian bight 570nm of water to get across for direct route I think everyone will stick to land going via Eucla and Ceduna no mountains untill you hit Sydney really looking forward to this one as it is in my own backyard and learnt a great deal on the cannonball run have a few flight plans in little nav map to try out over the next few month’s cheers everyone.

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Let me say a resounding GREAT IDEA! We would have to take the time to go over the pilot’s handbook for desired planes. But the second thread about treating the C172 Glass vs Steam as different planes is a no go. They are the same plane. In fact, in the sim, you can hook up Air Manager or Remote Flight gauges to the G1000 C172 in the sim and same data. They should not be treated as two different planes. They have same POH and specs/performance. They both have two coms, two navs autopilot and xponders. Just my take. I fly both in real life as in the sim.


already requested off the days i need. i can’t wait! Thank you so much @SeedyL3205 for hosting these amazing endurance races!

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looking forward to some redemption …

anything better than last place is an improvement.


Registration for the first event (Indian Pacific Wing Race) is now open! Check this thread for details:

Registered. Here’s hoping Sim Update 3 fixes the planes I plan on using for each event (gonna keep the 172 for the winter race).

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honestly this sounds amazing, ive already submited my form, if i make it to the finish line i will be able to look at my school captains eyes and tell him that i am ready for my wings hahaha

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If I know already that I won’t be able to attend all four events and hence won’t be able to fly for overall champion, can I fly more than one race with the SR22?

Negative. That would give you an advantage in each individual event, and as you personally saw first-hand, we’re handing out prizes to the podium finishers for every race, not just the overall series champion. :wink:

Makes sense. Just wanted to make sure before I start testing a new plane for the next race. Thanks and see you in Paris :fr:

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The performance of the DA40NG has been significantly improved in the WU4 patch. At 100% throttle it will now do ~150kts TAS at 8000 feet (vs ~136kts before) with an estimate max range (fuel capacity / fuel burn * speed) of 450nm vs 380nm before.

Not sure if this should result in any alteration to the rules (probably not, I can’t see a fair way to do it, and people can only use each aircraft in 1 race anyway).

Just though I’d mention it so @SeedyL3205 can mull over what this (and future aircraft updates) might mean. Probably the best strategy is “the rules is the rules” for the season.

Whats the range at 130kts

So now you are saying because of an update anyone that flies this aircraft after those that already flew it in the first race have a distinct advantage in range and speed. That my good people means that this aircraft should not be allowed to compete in the following 3 races then or there should be an adjustment to the times of the ones that already flew it. As with any other aircraft that gets a range or performance boost in a patch after the 1st event

The trouble with that logic is that every update we stand a chance of losing half the aircraft currently allowed in the event. Just as a CTD is treated as an unplanned maintenance event, an aircraft performance change should be treated in a similar manner.

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Registration for Event #2, the Paris-Dakar Rally, is now open. See this thread for all the details:

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I wonder is there any thread for participants, just ffinished my 2nd leg today and didn’t see anybody in SimAir or on MSFS. Maybe this evening or tomorrowI will arrive in Africa.

The Race is next month :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Muahaha okay then I’ve made a nice travel from Paris to Span right now… and can stay on Ibiza :wink:
Are here some icons with facepallms? Huge facepalms? :slight_smile:

Write it off as a good trial run :grin:

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