Invisible Brick Wall

Hello there,

After successfully completing a flight from Stansted to Alicante in the PMDG 737-800, I did the turnaround and was taxiing to the runway at Alicante airport to takeoff for the return trip and on the taxiway my aircraft hit what seemed to be an invisible brick wall. It just completely stopped moving. I checked and it was nothing to do with Active Pause or a fault in the aircraft. I can only assume it is some strange bug in the simulator.

I tried doing a straight pushback there and then, which worked, but when I started to move forward again it only got as far as it had previously before hitting the invisible brick wall again.

This has never happened to me before in MSFS and I have used this Alicante scenery (by Pilot’s FSG) and this aircraft a fair few times before.

Any input on what this could be and how to avoid it (or how to fix it, if it happens again) would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jack Wilson

Could you post a screenshot with the Dev mode coordinates displayed?

Hey there, @FlightSimJack. Welcome back to the forums.

Since you are really seeking a discussion about this issue, I have moved your post to the #self-service:scenery category.

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I’ve never used Dev Mode before, so I assume this is what you’re looking for (and it also can’t be a bug in Dev Mode causing it, since I never use Dev Mode).

Unfortunately my screenshot won’t upload, but the coordinates are as follows:
Latitude 38.285172
Longitude -0.566944

There are then three more lines that read as follows:
Altitude above ellipsoid: 88.239 (and then three constantly changing digits) metres
Altitude above geoid (AMSL): 37.711 (and then three constantly changing digits) metres
Altitude above ground (AGL): 3.702 (and then three constantly changing digits) metres.

This was after closing the simulator and restarting it. I’ve never had it before but this is the second time out of two today that this has happened. I was just taxiing along and then it hits this invisible brick wall and I can’t taxi any further to the runway.

If you reply to a user your screenshot won’t upload. If you reply to the thread it will upload. Posting coordinates allows developers to quickly warp to the correct location for debugging.