Invisible plane

So i load up today and my C172 is invisible! Its as if im sitting in wonder woman’s invisible plane! I havent changed anything from the last time i flew, which was 2 days ago. Any ideas??

disabling/removing the co-pilot mod will probably make the aircraft reappear

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I discovered the same

You sure you’re not flying as Wonder Woman?


THANKS! That did it! Strange it just pops up today! I have flown since the update and it was fine…today…not fine. Oh well…its fixed and i thank you!

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now she would make an interesting co-pilot :slight_smile:


i noticed at least one aircraft that carried on working with the co-pilot mod after SU3, but after updating the aircraft mod, with the latest version, it suffered the same vanishing fate.

Hi @Goofy1148, could you mark HawkMoth9135 as “Solution”? Thanks!

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Pictures or it didnt happend! Bwhahahahahahahah

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