Iran World in next updates

Like for other updates…
An update more accurate for IRAN

Obtaining more accurate data might be problematic.



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Iran never received enough attentions it deserves. Most of the data are still inherited untouched from FSX e.g. Northern coastlines of the Caspian Sea and southern coastline of Persian Gulf.
No Photogrammetry, Incorrect Autogen buildings etc.


As far as I know commercial photogrammetry data of major Iranian cities are available.

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I know this is old but since it got an auto bump it caught my attention.

I don’t disagree that Iran doesn’t get the love it deserves; it’s a beautiful place to fly and I have flown around there many times in the sim. Very beautiful.

However, obtaining the data would presumably be quite hard. And I took a look and not even Tehran has photogrammetry available from any major public maps providers. I would therefore assume it’s not available and/or is not even allowed similar to many East Asian countries. Jorg has said that certain parts of the world due to local laws and regulations simply makes obtaining or providing photogrammetry not possible. I don’t know for certain this is the case with Iran but I would certainly not be surprised.

Also, the auto gen buildings are based off of what Blackshark interprets from the satellite imagery. In areas of the world that are accessed less frequently via the public maps provider, such as Bing or Google, the imaging isn’t always licensed in the highest resolution available. Again I don’t know the specifics to Iran in this regard, but it’s not uncommon in other areas. Much of Canada, for example, is in very low resolution due to being sparsely populated and the areas of the map simply accessed infrequently on a daily basis. That’s also why you can’t see the actual ocean or large lakes; they don’t license the imagery for something that isn’t used on a daily basis unlike cities. The provider doesn’t own the satellite imagery nor do they take it; they license it from satellite firms such as (for example) Maxar Technologies. So there is a commercial viability aspect to the decision as well.

All of this said, it is my understanding that most/all of the world will eventually be covered via world updates etc, so you never know what may happen.

Still, Iran is lovely to fly in and around in the sim. Someday hopefully we see the entire world receive a boost, but even so, there are few areas I don’t find absolutely stunning while exploring. :slight_smile:



I also hope that Asobo can look into this. Some of the airports (i.e. major airports like Yazd, Shiraz, Tabriz, etc.) are in very bad shape also. The mesh and topo for the southern parts of the country is generally good but within the northwestern and western parts its is really poor! I only fly in Iran (even though I live in USA) and I hope one day we will have a more detailed Iran in MSFS.

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