IRL Avaition Channels, what to you watch/sub?

Weather you are a IRL pilot or just want to learn about aviation from a real world perspective or just for entertainment. What IRL pilot channels do you watch and subscribe to?

Mine are:

For learning to fly:

He has a really good 152 pattern work video:

For learning about the aviation as a whole and entertainment:

2 Likes If you speak Russian

Mike Patey, an aviation enthusiast who sleeps 4 hours a day and spends the rest creating beautiful one of a kind aircraft including the record breaking “Turbulence”, and “Draco”. Current project: “Scrappy”, the Search and Rescue STOL aircraft.

Cindy Hollman, an excellent instructor with great communication skills.

Rod Machado. Rod was the flight instructor who was featured in FSX’s lessons.

Mentour Pilot, Petter Hornfeldt. 737 training captain for a major EU airline

Sometimes i watch stuff from Air-Clips or Just Planes.

Air Clips has a recent clip where the face of the pilot went full combat mode because of a windy landing.

Kermit Weeks. I’ve never wanted to be anyone else in my life, but I wouldn’t mind walking in Kermit’s shoes. Complete respect for his love of aviation and it’s history.

My favourite is Jerry Wagner.

Reasons: No begging for subscribers, no Patreon, no gimmicks, no stupid VLOG music, no fancy editing. Just a guy who loves flying and sharing his flights. Points the camera at the scenery and instruments and not always at himself.

Incomplete list of the Weeks Collection,

In addition to Mentour Pilot, previously listed, I also have Missionary Bush Pilot (nice Kodiak flying in Papua New Guinea), VASAviation and Airplane Academy.

I’ll second Missionary Bush Pilot! Many of his flights are short enough to be filmed start to finish, and you get to see everything he does.

Well, I am a corporate pilot with a YouTube channel but my employer won’t allow me to do videos of flights so I do tutorials on MSFS. The channel is currently focusing on flight training but demonstrating procedures using MSFS. Learn To Fly Here Intro

But these are some of my favorite channels:

Kermit Weeks is great - Kermit Weeks - YouTube - for the love of historic airplanes

And who doesn’t like Mike Patey - Mike Patey - YouTube - for the ingenuity.

Just to say thanks for your channel I have watched it for some time and find it very helpful :+1:

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all white means too low & all red mean too high & 2 red & 2 white mean good right?

This is great channel from Russian speaking Ukraine based pilot. There’s also smaller audience English version of the channel. Their “Crossing Atlantic in Cessna 421” is a great inspiration recommend to watch.

Actually, it’s the opposite.
2 red / 2 white, you are on glide slope.
The more red you see, the lower you are. The more white you see, the higher you are.

Oh yeah sorry about that I always get confused in which color means high & which color means low thank you for helping me:)

Think of the red as a stop light.

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Just curious how many readers here are fans of LA Flights on YouTube? I’ve often wondered what the demographics of their subscribers are? They’ve got over 150,000 of them (including me). Are there really that many avgeeks out there? In all my years, I haven’t known anyone as in to aviation as myself. Growing up, I just accepted that others didn’t share my passion. But it seems that at least 150,000 do?

He even had a real engine out emergency caught on video. You can see it on his channel.

Handled it like a pro.