Irritating Bug with lamp/ light and Airport light objects. Hard to work / select objects in SDK when there are lots of lights around the airport

There is an issue with the SDK objects specially when making airports with lots of light objects, light street lamps/ or airport lights or hangar building lights.

When trying to select on such an object, the mouse is placed on the actual lamp or light, but the SDK also puts a box/ frame around the whole rays of light spilling out. (so the object looks like a giant frame / white box with the lamp object right in the middle )

This makes it hard to select other objects, because if there are lamps close together the boxes overlap each other and you have to click multiple times to try to choose the object you want. (since the mouse clicks cycles on everything close to that mouse focus.

solution : please, for lamps or lights, just make it so that when we are directly over the object, the mouse selects that object

The issue has already been discussed , maybe you can add your experience to improve also the light you are using

In the meanwhile i suggest using groups and the new Hide/lock feature in the scenery editor :relieved:

New being a relative term? Yes, that’s what I do and it works great.

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:sweat_smile:New like…su5/6 maybe?

She said that new are, will not argue with her :blush:

The capability has been there for quite some time, SU 3 or 4 I think. I’ve been using it since at least January…