Is anybody having CTD manual caching more than one UK region?

Is anybody having manual cache CTD when trying to caches a second area in the UK using the ‘medium’ grid settings? I’m trying to cache Yorkshire and Lancashire so I’m not taking bandwidth away from my Wife’s live football streaming (football nutter) I’m not going to say what team she supports :slight_smile:

I’m curious if anybody else is experiencing a similar issue. I’ve cleared out my community folder and done a cold reboot on my system, cache folder is on a fast SSD and all worked before the UK/Ireland update.

CTD when using Manual Cache

We are aware of crashes when using Manual Cache and we are investigating it. Until then, the use of manual cache is strongly discouraged.

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Ah Thanks btdc00 thanks for the quick reply :wink:

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Closed as this is a known issue and has been posted previously as a bug.