Is Anyone Developing OR Tambo International Airport FAOR

Is anyone developing the Johannesburg OR Tambo International airport for MSFS?


I found this but looks like no news for some time.

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Yes I know its been like this for months…

Gaffer Simulations are working on a payware version. I presume it’s not the same as the above and they already have a p3D version for sale. Their website appears dead but they’re on Facebook.

Developer work rates amaze me sometimes. I’ve had people tell me they were working on somewhere with one building and one parking spot and it takes 8-12 months to emerge.

I guess we all have different work rates, standards and things going on in our lives.

Apparently joint work with Caelus and may be ready for August release!


Does anybody know if someone is creating a FAOR scenery? Gaffer simulations have been working on one for more than a year. Getting the feeling it won’t release

You can get one from Marketplace made by NMG Similations.

Thanks TemperedPaper48, but that rendition is terrible… Just thought someone might have some news on a new development.

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Yes I agree with you. Let’s hope that someone will come up with a better one.

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I spoke to the Developer of Gaffer Simulations in Sept 21 about the FAOR airport he’s been working on. He told me that he had to focus on his career so progress would slow, & this is all I’ve heard since sadly. That’s quite understandable. The problem is that Gaffer sim seems to be the only one releasing decent stuff for South Africa.
NMG’s stuff is rubbish, & has always been, I just don’t get why anyone would buy it.

Would anybody be interested in banding together with me & offering the developer at Gaffer a cash boost to get FAOR out? Maybe if he knew how much interest there is, he would make a plan?


I am offering to him 35 euro to get it going within a month.

Just for reference to anyone looking for this, it was released a few days ago by Gaffer Simulations and is available on the SimMarket: