Is anyone else going to fall for this again?

Over £200 spent
Over 3 years since release
Same bugs still unfixed
And now they want me to pay again for the game I already bought, but this time we definitely honestly will fix it, pinky promise.
Is anyone seriously going to fall this this again?

I spent the entire afternoon flying around Kidlington airfield, Oxford.
Have AI traffic on 30%.
Only other aircraft I saw move the entire afternoon was this one spinning on its roof. A bug I’ve seen almost every time I’ve flown in MSFS for the last 3 years.


It‘s getting old. People buy FIFA every year with the same problems, what’s the problem with a new Flight Sim after four years. It will be worth it alone for the new engine which is supposed to support Multicore better.


I’ve spent around £1,000 on my MSFS setup (Xbox Series X, HOTAS, 4K TV and third-party add-ons). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 8 months I’ve been simming. It really isn’t about the bugs — it’s about whether what I’ve spent is worth it to me, and whether I can fully immerse myself in a virtual aviation world.

Yeah, the bugs are annoying but we have two choices: enjoy the product, warts and all; or spend all our time picking fault rather than flying. Even if FS2024 has some of the same bugs (I hope not but it certainly won’t be bug-free) I shall buy it and I shall enjoy it.

Life’s what you make it…


FS2020 is not prefect but in comparison to all other civilian flight sims, it is outstanding.

Like many here, I have spent a lot of money on addons (as I did with every other version of FS) and will continue to do so to support this fantastic hobby.

I will buy FS2024 when it comes out and I hope that my favourite aircraft will work with little or no mods.

Since the Alpha, it is my opinion that most problems users have are associated to:

a. Too high settings for the user’s PC.
b. Tweaks and mods.
c. Users ignoring advice from very experienced users.
d. Not emptying (to a backup location) the Community folder as a first step to identifying a problem.
e. User not using the ‘repair’ function in Apps Settings for Gaming Services and Flight Simulator
f. Optional but I always do it - reboot PC after a video driver update or major update to FS.

By doing the above, I rarely have issues and with my average PC, I can achieve 30-35FPS, high settings and two displays (3440x1440 and 1920 x 1080)

Happy flying.


Yes, that last update really took the shine off. I’m not a believer anymore.


I work in software, I’m used to prioritizing issues. I don’t have a problem with software having issues, that’s to be expected. Some of my favorite software has hundreds of bugs.

But let’s be real here.

If this was an FPS and all the hostile NPCs were just stuck in place spinning around, no one would be suggesting that that was just a minor quality of life issue would they?

Well it’s the exact same thing. This is a flight simulator, I should reasonably be able to expect to see other aircraft semi-realistically flying around! The fact that three years after launch I’m still seeing this rubbish instead isn’t a quality of life issue. That’s a bona fide game breaking bug that hasn’t been touched in over 3 years.

Now I know that some traffic does work, live IFR and third-party airline addons are apparantly not too bad, and for those that do that kind of flying I’m really happy for you. But the fact remains that the built in general aviation traffic has been an absolute train wreck since release. And as far as I’m aware there isn’t even a semi-decent third-party GA traffic replacement option either.


I can never understand why people want to publicise their bitterness in this fashion. It serves absolutely no purpose other than to vent. There is an option to leave a review on both Steam and MSstore.

Asobo have said they will update 2020, and no one is forcing you to buy 2024. There is also the cheap option of trying out MS products through game pass before you buy.


It was people trashing No Man’s Sky when it released that got it fixed.
It was people trashing Cyberpunk when it released that got it fixed.

To suggest that highlighting that which needs fixing serves no purpose makes no sense.


Skill Issue , no one is forcing you to buy the next one


People forget this is nothing new. Continuing releases of MSFS is standard practice and has been since 1.0. We’ve had more updates and fixes from the company then any other version of MSFS. I imagine we’ll see 2024, 26, 28 and then FSXXX. Just like it’s always been.


Then go play No Man’s Sky or Cyberpunk if you are so underwhelmed with MSFS 2020. It is no less than amazing what has been accomplished with the simulation since release. The positives far outweigh the negatives. Yet there are those that continue to dwell and there will always be room for improvement.


It’s simple math for me. Total cost divided by hours played = actual value, and the actual value is more than enough for me. Obviously that calculation doesn’t work for everyone, and if that’s the case, then move on.

But seriously, there’s no need to announce it to the world because really in the big scheme of things, no one really cares.


As this discussion is in regards to MSFS 2024, topic moved into that category.

Just finished a flight over my in-laws home and then to a familiar campground. Had a good time picking out familiar land marks from the photogrammetry at Atlantic Beach, NC. I know there are flaws but they don’t bother enough to keep me from flying. If I live long enough and I don’t have to buy a bunch of new hardware, I’ll be in line for MSFS 2024 with my credit card in hand. BTW, I can’t remember when my last CTD happened. My major concern is better ATC. My cost divided by hours played is still very reasonable and much better than many pastimes.


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So suggesting that it’s a serious problem in a flight sim for the only other moving aircraft to be spinning on its roof, and for that to have been the case for three years ever since release - is just stirring the pot. Seriously?

Either most of the posters here work for Asobo, or this forum has the wierdest case of mass Stockholm Syndrome.


Its not happing for everyone, or anything like it. Have you tried turning your settings down a bit?


This is an awful example: hostile AI in an FPS game is a direct core functionality that is central to the experience. Without them, there is no game. The AI in a flight simulator isn’t comparable: without AI in a flight simulator one can still very well fly. AI is eye-candy by that definition.

A Priority 0 bug in a flight simulator that would be comparable to hostile AI in an FPS spinning on their heads would be something like “airports do not spawn more than 5 miles away from starting point”


I’m happy to report that there IS a semi-decent GA traffic replacement: