Is anyone making Airport ELLX Luxembourg?

Do you know if there is someone who is building Luxembourg ELLX airport, several of us are interested … ???

That’s historically done by a company called Justsim…

Might be worth hitting up their FB page and asking them to port it over?

I’m going to send them a little message right now … and I invite anyone who would be interested in doing the same … because for the moment the airport is very bare it even missing the control tower … :joy: :joy: :joy:

With you on this one!!

Yes please!! The JustSim ELLX airport for XP is fantastic (and my IRL home airport)
I don’t have FB so can’t post there

Here is the link to contact them:


You’re right they did a good job … the V2 version is just fantastic. They went very far into detail. Hoping that they will hear our voices …………. :wink:

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Until someone does the job, you can already delve into all the details about it here:

I am trying to learn my ropes on some VFR and IFR navigation by flying between small/mid sized airports, in particular ELLX -> EDDR.

thank you sharing… :+1:t2:

That’s it kids, it’s finally arrived Luxembourg-Findel Airport ELLX is finally here for MFS to take a look at simmarket I give you the link:

…rock ‘n’ roll… :wink:


Great news that is, hope it fits perfectly with WU4. Timing could not have been better! Off to buy…

There is also one at for free, though not completely done yet!

True, and that one is absolutely useful if you are not too demanding or not using ELLX regularly.

But it is of course quite a bit below this commercial scenery. I have now had a couple of minutes with it and must say that it is not amazing, yet pretty complete and close to RL. Nevertheless for 22 Euros (!) you might expect something extraordinary which it is not. A must only for someone like me who has ELLX as his home base… and possibly a wonderful hub for short-distance flights into WU4’s France, Belgium and Netherlands airports.

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It should have been in the WU 4.
I mean even the city is based on imagery from 3 years ago. Alot of the construction sites are already finished. The main bank building for the BNP is absolutely wrong.

I think the WU did a bad job on Lux. The terrain elevation is perfect but the rest is not. They should not have advertised it or they should have upgraded it more. But meh…don’t look a free horse in the mouth.


I bought it too, and I have to say as good as the JustSim version was in XP as bad it is here…

  • I get very ugly low-res textures on parts of the runway and ramps (really really bad looking, might be an issue on my installation?)
  • it does not include any attempt at modeling the slope of the runway and airport which is crucial for a realistic ELLX experience
  • the layout and markings are very old, especially on P5 (which is not modeled to any way the airport has ever looked)

Overall it is rather disappointing in its current state, especially when you had a much much better version on XP

Apparently, the runway slope is modeled in correctly on the runway. At least, that’s what the dev said on their Facebook account. What’s not represented is the slope in the taxiway right next to it.

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There is a pretty recent thread about this product over at Avsim (just do a quick search and you will find it). There you see a few images which clearly illustrate major issues like tiling and low res textures.

I was thinking about buying ELLX airport since it is my home airport, but after seeing these images, I will stay clear of this product and probably will think twice before ever sending some money to JustSim.

I have heard some good things about JustSim in the past. Their products were always overpriced but of decent quality, not perfect, but ok. ELLX on the other hand looks like a quick money grab. Sad, since their PD3 verson wasn‘t really that bad.

Any update and more in depth testing about Justsim ELLX? Is it worth the money?

Hi apart from a few small flaws especially in the ground texture in some places (not everywhere) the airport and more than correct if I had to give it a note I will give it 15/20 … I hope I answered to your question, kindly Tony… :wink:

Worth the money is pretty subjective of course. For me it is, since it includes not only a much better modelled terminal than the default one, but also the historic Luxair hangar and of course the gigantic Cargolux hangar which makes the airport stand out from a long distance. Textures are not the best, but the „feeling“ of flying at and around ELLX is definitely present.

I agree with you… :+1: