Is anyone NOT using rudder pedals?

So I recently got rudder pedals after using flight sims for years without them. I decided to get some pedals to add to the immersion. I must admit that I was a little underwhelmed but at the same as it that they’re good for extra control. I’m wondering now if I should return them and just put the money towards a Virtual Fly throttle instead. I can easily use the sim without and wondered if there are any other serious simmers who are not using them.

My current hardware:
Honeycomb Yoke
TCA Throttle and Sidestick
Thrustmaster TPR Pedals (thinking of sending back)
Logitech/Saitek Multi Panel

I’m into flying the A320 and GA but it just feels strange using the TCA throttle for GA aircraft. It would be nice to use something more authentic/real feeling like the Virtual Fly. I don’t want the Honeycomb throttle as it’s huge and wouldn’t fit on my desk properly.

Ideally I would have both but unfortunately can only afford one at the moment.

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I have some from PFC but I don’t use them, I just use the twist grip on my VKB Gladiator NXT.

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Wonderful for GA landing and tight taxiing with the toe brakes, rarely used otherwise.


I agree and can probably use the twist on my TCA sidestick for taxiing. While I admit this it not the most realistic way to taxi I feel that I would get more benefit and use out of a Virtual Fly throttle as it’s constantly being used.

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I was thinking of getting some pedals but from reading around people say its the one thing you should spend money on to get good ones. The way I sit at my desk I just think pedals might not really suit me. I’ve just got an X56 HOTAS and I’m a little underwhelmed by it. The throttle moves about on my desk too much and the joystick just seems a little creaky and cheap, especially for controlling the yawl axis.

I’d dearly love a Virpil set up but I just can’t afford it.

I have the lowest end Thrustmaster pedals t.16000m and they work fine but I admit it’s slippers off during use… I wouldn’t dream of clodding on them with boots.

Like I said though, landings and taxi and only the toe brakes usually.

I think I use them more as a gas pedal and brake in other games?

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I don’t have any. My chair has castors anyway lol.

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I guess that’s somehow personal.

I don’t have pedals and, if you ask me, real airplanes would have a twist in the yoke/stick. Yeah, not likely and I do know of the technical difficulty, but my point is, twisting the stick feels for me way more intuitive than pedals.

And yes, I do fly IRL. When it comes to realism, I don’t miss pedals in the sim at all, but I do miss the twist in the real thing.

A lot of people say they are a must but I honestly don’t fly any better during the last 2 days I’ve had them. I haven’t even managed to beat my previous landing challenge scores with them which I was surprised about. So I’m thinking I would appreciate the money spent of decent a decent throttle quadrant instead. The TCA just feel wrong using it for GA. the Virtual Fly ones look like they have a large range on the axis so should be more precise.

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I agree, I feel that the twist in the sidestick feels more natural than pedals. While I get that some people want realism, I personally find using rudder pedals quite cumbersome. Plus my chair has casters on which doesn’t help.

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I use the logitech model and I am very satisfied.

I watched Huddison’s videos for the adjustments

And like other people I use it for landings, taxi and the toe brakes.


See you soon

Looks just like my set up

For me, pedals are a must. And if Asobo get all the Prop-Effects right (or at least implement them a bit better) it will be also a must in MSFS. Twisting the stick is not sensible enough. Without Rudder this is not possible:

You can not slip, no spin, no flick/snap, no taildragger, if you have no rudder.

Ah, and no coordinated turn. Your luck: You don’t feel it in front of the computer.


Are you satisfied too?

I think it’s a good value for money

I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’re a must but they’re obviously a better choice (this is coming from someone who has both and uses them in four sims with many aircraft (including helicopters)).

I should have added: For me. :wink:

Been in flight sims since 2003 - never used them. Every stick I’ve ever owned, including my current original Saitek X52, has had the twist function.

never used them, i also do not like the twisting, so i have the rudder set on the rocker switch on the throttle part of the hotas, works fine.

Do you need rudder pedals? It depends on how realistic you want to feel. All aircraft have rudder pedals and there are maneuvers that are impossible to do without them and can’t be done with a twist stick. If you just want to get in the air and fly around, then just a joystick, XBox controller, or even keyboard and mouse, will do.

I agree to some extent but when your’re using a simulator that doesn’t simulate adverse yaw, then even the best rudder pedals in the world isn’t going to give you realism. For example the Cessna when banking without rudder pedals the turn is perfectly coordinated. Apparently this is because the sim doesn’t simulate adverse yaw properly.