Is Anyone Running a 20ft+ USB Cable From Their Computer to Their Joystick/HOTAS?

My computer is approx. 25ft from where I’ll be using the flight simulator and I need to run a long 3.0 USB cable. I’ve been reading that I would need to use a USB Active Extension Cable to go that distance.

Is anyone using a long USB setup for this. If so, what type of cable are you using or what kind of setup did you use and how is it performing?

I use a normal USB3 extension of 1.8m plugged in PC + a 5m long active extension USB3 cable (total lenght of 22.3ft) and it works with some conditions. Dont know why but it only works on two USB3 ports on the six ones I have. Was a big deal to find that repeating connections/disconnections could be avoid by changing USB port. I know I have tested on USB2 ports, but I dont remember the result.
It works also with an external SSD, but not with my external HDD (but I’m sure it’s because of the box)
I use extension for joystick+rudder pedals+quadrant+button box based on a Leo Bodnar card+Logitech multi function panel+Stream Deck+webcam.
All of these are plugged in an USB3 powered hub with on/off switches for each port.
And a switch on usb hub power.
If I switch power on with all devices on, the usb controller does not follow, so I switch power on first, and devices one by one not too fast.
It works well for five years now, but I had to test differents USB3 hubs, as some are of poor quality.
Hope it will help.

I have a server rack in my basement, with a 50 foot USB cable running in-wall, upstairs to my office. There it connects to a USB hub. No issues running my Virpil HOTAS off of it for the past 4 years (or anything else). I would recommend getting a decent hub if you do this. Here is a link to both the hub and cable I am using. (Hub is USB 3.0, but not needed since cable is only USB 2.0)

Active Repeater USB Cable


It also exits active usb extensions via RJ45 adapters, using ethernet cable, not very expensive, but I dont know if it works well.

Thanks for your replies guys! Below are links to a cable and hub. Do you think this will work?

The hub has 4 USB 3.0 inputs. Is that enough or will I need more down the road (I have a Thrustmaster 16000 & HOTAS on order). Thanks again!

USB 3.0 Cable
3.0 Hub

Not sure about 20+ft but I have my whole computer in another room. Everything is on 5m (~15ft) extension cables, 3xDP, 10xUSB and it works fine.
If you invest in slightly higher quality USB cables with good isolation it should work fine. Especially for something like a joystick which has close to 0 bandwidth requirements. It’s not a USB-C connected monitor or a sound card.

I’ve used a set of cheap and nasty USB to rj45 adapters for years at work. They work just fine and will be cheaper than buying a hub and long USB cable assuming you have a long enough network cable handy?

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If I understand what that is are you suggesting I run a long ethernet cable instead of a long USB cable?

It’s what I was talking about yesterday.
It looks like this:
(I choose the first I found just for example, dont know quality)
and you have an ethernet cable between the two adapters.
It’s less expensive than USB3 active extension, but I never tried.
And you’ll need an USB hub anyway.
For number of usb ports, think to future. Better to actually have some unused ports and not being necessary to buy another hub in a few monthes because you need more.

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I use 3 3.0 12 ft extension cables for my Logitech panels and Bravo throttle quad to the same hub you selected. Works great.

I provide the stick with a dedicated port.

I was concerned about propagation delay and potential conflicts, but all is good.

Wow, thanks for the RJ45 solution guys! Never knew this was a possibility. I ordered a couple from amazon and it works like a charm with a regular usb2 hub. I have the thrustmaster TCA throttle+rudderpedals and sidestick hooked up. Distance from my PC isn’t an issue anymore. :+1: