Is anyone working on the Aero AT3-R100?

Hi to all great developers on this splendid, sunny morning!

I was wondering if anyone is working actively on the Aero AT3-100? I saw on fsdeveloper that one guy named @ailgorbot has been trying to port the model from FSX, but the latest news is from 17 jan 2021. It could be that he had to abandon the project because of time-consumption, or that he got stuck.

I would love to have this plane in MSFS2020, and I would have no problem to sponsor this project, if this would be helpful. Make it a simmer-crowd funded project. It’s such a fun little plane, and many here in the Netherlands are flying this Polish plane for their PPL/LAPL.

Here she is in her full glory

And this is how far Ailgorbot already got:

It would be sad if this great project would get stuck on the last steps.


Hi GhostlyFrend,
I can understand the thought behind why this might have gone in the SDK category, but that category is really for developers to discuss things like, “How do I do this in the SDK?”, etc.
So I have moved this to the Third Party category. Developers hang out here, too. :slight_smile:

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