Is FSDG Cape Town worth it over Asobo's handcrafted version?

Giving the quality and attention to details from 3rd Party Developers compared to the state of original handcrafted airports I usually go with the 3rd Party. But this time it seems like FSDG Cape Town is done in quite average quality compared to the well known developers like FlyTampa and ORBX, and is still quite pricy.

I have watched YT review, but still not sure if maybe I should consider getting this airport or maybe I should wait for someone like ORBX or Gaffer Simulations to offer they version? If someone got both FSDG FACT and the one from Asobo do you regret getting FSDG version or do you like it?

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I will be following this with interest. I’m looking for an OR Tambo also if anybody has seen a good rendition…

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Currently there are 2 version of OR Tambo, one is released and the other one is still in WIP.

The one is by NMG Simulations… and imo is not a very good looking. They also seems to use the default MSFS jetways (a big “no” for me).

And the other one is by Gaffer Simulations. Some textures are still in quite low resolution but they OR Tambo will have some special features like partially modeled terminal interior, custom jetways and an animated train. Personally I’ll wait for the one from Gaffer.

But if you are also looking for Joburg downtown then they freeware Johannesburg is not very good tbh… There’s a much better freeware version on that uses the Google photogrammetry and also have custom night lightning. It’s much heavier, but at least Hillbrow will look way more better.

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I don’t own the FSDG one but by looking at the screens it looks like they’re using stock ground textures that come with the developer kit, and not many payware developers would do that.

Also most of the satellite photo burn ins are left untouched.

Both of those smack of a lack of effort that’s going to show up elsewhere.

The Asobo one gets the job done with some good buildings in particular. I for one would not pay any extra for the linked payware if I already had the Asobo version.

Edit - I was looking at their Johannesburg, not the Cape Town. The Cape Town certainly looks far better but I’d want to seek out a video review or something before deciding for sure. I guess it depends on how important the actual airport is to you.


As far as I know FSDG don’t have they version of FAOR on Market. Not for MSFS nor for any other Sim.
That’s the FSDG Cape Town. I am not sure if you confused FSDG with NMG or Gaffer?

And the video review.

You’re right. Double confusion. I thought your NMG link was FSDG.