Is Honeycomb Alpha supposed to be so stiff?

I read good reviews of the Honeycomb Alpha. Bought one and it arrived today. Yikes the pitch is stiff. One flight and my old RSI injury is back. Is it supposed to be this way? Does it ever loosen up?

Yeah that worried me too when I first got mine
It does loosen up over time

Yep, you’ll get used to it after a bit and not even think about it. I actually like because I can do really fine movements on approach…

I think I would love it (enables precise control) except for the fact I have RSI in my wrists. Even the buttons are very high resistance compared to the Logitech and that triggers the RSI too. The Logitech is so sloppy and imprecise that I’m not going to use it, but I don’t think I can use the Honeycomb.

I went back to a joystick. I modified the sensitivity curves and I really quite like the joystick. I talked to this guy who gives virtual flight lessons on simulators, and he says he uses the cheapest Logitech joystick. Because I want to learn to use IFR on jets, I’m going to be using the autopilot mostly, anyway.

I’m not into the “build your own cockpit” phase of simming yet. Maybe someday.

Well that’s a bummer, I have had as expensive of a yoke as $700 and I can fly way more precise with the Honeycomb than I can with that yoke. Yeah I do mostly hand flying and only fly singles and twins, rarely if ever touch a jet any more. As you say, maybe someday you’ll expand into the build your own… its fun… Happy Flying!

I agree it’s a bit stiff, but it gives you a good reminder to properly trim the plane to remove the spring tension.

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