Is it even possible to get an A in "First Solo Flight"?

Keep getting a low score in the take off and climb, and that stops me getting an A.

I can either maintain 75 knots or I can climb to 5,700 (It says 5,400 feet in the intro but the objective window says 5,700 feet) but not both.

Is the training flight bugged or am I doing something wrong???

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Did a long time back. I seem to remember you have to use flaps to slow you down and maintain altitude. I also used markers to gauge where I should be applying what % throttle. Having the throttle right made getting the altitude a lot easier.

If I remember correctly, you need to do a climbing left turn after departure and position yourself in such a way that you cross back over the center of the airport on roughly the same heading that takes you to the first waypoint over the golf course.

Thanks for the replies, but I’m talking about the take off section of “First Solo Flight”, so you just take off and go in a straight line to a predetermined point for that section.

It wants me to maintain 75 knots and hit 5,700 feet. At full throttle with no flaps, I can either maintain 75 knots and miss the altitude or I can hit the altitude but not be able to stay at 75 knots. :man_shrugging:


I managed to get an A after several attemps. You have 5 catagories. The first one is hard to score more than half the points because of the behaviour you discribed. So you have to manage the other four to get an A. The downwind leg is easy, just keep heading, altitude and speed, the base leg you must descend at 65 knots with flaps 20 at the correct heading and on final you must align correctly to the runway at 65 knots. After that you must touch down on the centerline. Keep trying, you wil succeed.

I only just uploaded this at 0400 UTC. If you want better quality then wait till after 0530 UTC. It should be converted properly by youtube for then. I under cooked this run and totally missed the 65kts and 1400 revs on second last turn. I missed by 11 points, but I think it is close enough for you to get an idea.

Turn to get the max from the run way (the event doesn’t start till you take off. Leave the parking brake on until you max the revs.
Aim to bounce between 74-78 knts. This should give you a fair amount of lift.
Hammer it at the end ignoring the 75kts limit to make sure you get the 5700ft height before you reach the limit.

Over run slightly so you can grab some height for next leg.

Thanks both. So if you have to jump through all those hoops to squeak an A then the training flight is bugged right?

No, just the takeoff on the upwind leg seems ‘bugged’. That means: I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Every part gives you 2000 points. If you do well, you wil gain 1000-1200 point on the takeof leg, so focus on the parts 2,3,4 and 5 to earn the rest of the points. That’s what I did to get an A. Btw, it is not allowed to change the starting position as demonstrated in the video and flap extension is not at entering the downwind leg but perpendicular passing the center of the airport.

I am only talking about the take off leg, that’s what drags your score down. So we seem to be agreeing, it’s bugged.

Side note. It seems to be all the take off legs in training, same thing seems to happen in the water take off in the bush pilot training.

Nothing bugged about it, maybe a little to tight on any variance but works.

Take off leg it’s probably the easiest part. Stay internal view, leave flaps at t/o, full power, use your pitch to maintain 75kts. Don’t get ahead of the prompts and when they turn green hold them there. Speed management on the downwind is probably the most difficult.

Let’s agree to disagree.

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