Is it possible modify the bush trips (change aircraft, activate refuel, ATC...)

Reading all the problems related with the bush trips in the past I didn’t want to try them. As now it seems more stable I would love to flight some of them but changing the airplane (I want to use the C152/C172) but I don’t know if it’s possible activate ATC services and refueling, because I read that it wasn’t possible use in these trips.

I don’t mind if I have to modify/tweak some files.


Search bush trips in the forum, there are many helpful ideas and helpful apps, like this one:
Create Your Own Bush Trips - BushTripInjector [v0.8.6.1246 - last update June 6th] - Third Party Addon Discussion / Tools & Utilities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
Also here: Bush Trips

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If you go to the Packages/OneStore directory on your (assuming) PC you will find a folder for each of the bush trips in the form ‘Asobo-bushtrip-’ in there under Missions/Asobo/BushTrips/ folder you will find the flight plan (.PLN) file, you can use that by copying it out to your chosen location…

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I appreciate your help but, If I remember correctly, there isn’t a way that, modifying a parameter in one of the bush trip files, allows you active those options?.

Sorry, long ago I read something about that but I don’t remember exactly how was the process. I’ve been searching the post, but I didn’t find it. And for that reason I created this one.

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@maddormo, that was the point I was making. There are tools out there to create your own bush trips. If you want to adjust one of the existing ones, pull the flight plan out and use it as the basis for your bush trip and adjust time of day, aircraft etc.

It’s not that difficult. I created some trips around Scotland using the tools and that was at least 12 months or more ago.

Doing that I would miss the possibility of obtain the badgets and it’s something that I don’t really care much. I’ll follow your advice. Thank you.

since the latest update the save files for the BushTrips are now stored in the cloud
before this update i edited the trips, but since they resave after each leg not everything ‘carried thru’ from one session to the next so i would re edit the saves if i had to leave the game - now i cant do that so i havent been using them but …

there is this tool, it may not even work anymore (for the reasons i mention above) idk
but it would be worth a try, ive just been too busy to test this lately

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Yes, I can verify that MissionChanger still works.


Also the BushMissionGen tool is the one I used, been updated since I last used it…

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