Is it possible to build airport based on the current one generated by AI?

Hi, I am new to the SDK and scenery development. Recently I found that some of the airports have some runways and taxiways that are not on where they should be, and I would like to create some scenery to fix that (otherwise ILS will not lead the aircraft to land on the correct position). However I did not found any options about importing the current airport generated by Asobo. There are only options like removing all runways and all taxiways and etc.

It will be too time-consuming for me if I remove these things and add them back one-by-one. Is it possible to import the whole default airport first and let me do any modifications I want?

Yes. We’re still early in the maturity of utilities. I am doing the same for my home airport KUGN. I used a freeware, and very basic utility called Airport2Project to export the FS2020 BGL into a package and went from there in the SDK. It’s not complete, but very useful for fixing most of the AI broken stuff. Search FSDeveloper’s website for information.

I’m definitely interested in other ideas too. I did a few Midwest US GA airports in XP11’s scenery gateway and I’d like to do them in FS2020 as well. I’m getting used to the FS2020 SDK now.

There is a thread here on Airport Design Editor (ADE) from FSDeveloper’s @ScruffyDuckJon as well - that app is in Alpha development stage.


ADE allows you to open/edit stock airports, and has a nice user interface.