Is it possible to change/disable the "dark" theme that seems to be the forum's default?

I don’t know if I picked the right “category” as I could not find a “forum configuration” category. Please move as necessary.


It appears that the MSFS forums default to a “dark” theme (at least on my phone, I believe it is also “dark” on my computer as well).

I find a “light” theme easier to navigate and read.

I have looked everywhere. All other forums I use based on this software, (Discourse?), either default to a lighter theme, or can be changed in a setting somewhere.

This forum is the only “dark” forum I have.

Is there a way to change it?

You can go to your User Menu > Preferences > Interface > Theme > Click Drop-down > Select “Light”

Also-I removed the #forum-meta tag since that is for Forum Guides.

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Go here and change the theme:
Profile - JadedExponent34 - Preferences - Interface


(Bows in gratitude)

Thanks! I have been looking everywhere for that setting!

And thanks for updating the categories too.