Is it possible to connect light in MSFS to dials/rorary axis?

I’d like to configure the light dials in MSFS planes to dails on my control panels.
So when you turn the dail/rotary axis the lightning either brigtens or dims.
(I’m mean the lightning of instruments and panels etc)

Is this possible and if yes, how do you do it ?

I don’t think you can map it that way. Only axis controls would function. The only way is probably over WASM or SimConnect.


Which map do you have to use to use axis control ?
If tried it with set potentio meter but no go.

I’m use the Logitech X52 and have additionally to aileron, rudder, elevation pitch, throttle and props one dial for the brake axis (for smoother braking), one for mixture and one for elevator trim. As I said only the controls who specifically said ‘axis’ can be use on dials and levers or else s you get a on/off situation when turning the dial.

100% Possible. I have an X-Touch Min (sub $100) as part of my Sim Home Cockpit.


It has (Two banks) of 8 rotary encoder, and I can have them each control a different Lighting in the Plane (ie the C172 Classic).

One controls the Pilot side cabin light
One controls the Co-Pilot side cabin light
One controls the Glare-shield light
One controls the Gauge lights
One controls the Instrument Knob lighting (Gps, AP, Transponder etc)
One Controls the Pedestal lighting

etc etc

use “Axis & Ohs”, but I assume Spad-next could do it equally well

Full Disclosure: may not be “easily” possible with the default Premium C172 Classic, but it certainly is with the “WB-SIM c172sp Near study level Mod”, that fully support the control of the planes cockpit lighting by external hardware controls,

As already stated you can hook to them with third party (payware) programs like Axis and Ohs and There is no ingame way to do it. However even with them connecting to light knob is not a trivial task, you’ll need to look up the right potentiometers to use for given light knob from the game code and then write a custom script for that knob. This can be a hit and miss affair, for example the code isn’t available for encrypted aircraft (marketplace, premium edition), but on the other hand I didn’t manage to find what were the right commands to use with the JPL C152 even though it’s not encrypted.

As example this is my script for decreasing power of one of the panel floodlight knobs on the FI Spitfire with X-Touch Mini knobs 10 degrees for every “click”: (A:LIGHT·POTENTIOMETER:1,·Percent)·10·-·0·max·1·(>K:LIGHT_POTENTIOMETER_DEC)·1·(>K:PANEL_LIGHTS_SET)

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