Is it possible to load flight plan from SimBrief using 787 Heavy mod mid-flight

I just installed the B787XH mod, and I’m enjoying it so far. Due to the unrelated massive bug where you can’t save a flight, load it and have the flight plan loaded into the FMC, I figured the heavy mod might alleviate this issue. I can load a SB flight plan just fine if I’m starting out in the tarmac, but if I start flying, save, exit and re-load, the flight plan is gone from the FMC (expected).

Problem is, I can’t re-load the SB flight plan once I’m in the air. I go to RTE → REQUEST → LOAD FP FROM SB, but then I get an error message “FMC PROCESSING LAST ENTRY PLEASE WAIT”.

Any experience/help on this?

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It’s not a massive bug. That’s not how you load a flight plan. You’re not making it easy to understand, but I think what you are saying is that you don’t have enough time to fly a complete flight and want to save your progress halfway?

That’s a very uncommon feature usually only found in very expensive add-ons. I would not expect it in any free add-on or default aircraft. Unfortunately, you will have to limit yourself to shorter flights that you can complete in one shot.

Correct – if I save the flight halfway through and want to resume, the flight plan in the FMC is always lost. I’d like to load a saved flight plan into the FMC using the load from SB feature. I can do this in the beginning of the flight when I’m at the taxi ramp, but not halfway through a saved flight when I’m in the air. I’d just like to confirm if this is normal or I’m missing something.

I agree. I often don’t have the time to complete a complex flight. After getting the flight plan installed properly in the FBW A320 and in MSFS there is sometimes not enough available time to finish. I have a lot of take offs without landings.


When re-loading, how do you reload ? using a .flt file?

Maybe try time compression?

It’s not possible to load a flightplan in mid-air.
It’s not even possible to create one which is possible in he original MSFS 787
The B78XH team did block this.
I did create anothe thread for this and also bug


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This is great, thanks! Hopefully they fix ASAP