Is it possible to move in to copilot seat

Hi does anyone know if there is a way to move from captain to copilot seat and control aircraft from there?

There’s an option to set a key or button to change seats, but I’ve not had much luck getting it to work.
However, once in the sim, most planes will let you change seats through the camera option from the toolbar at the top of the screen. If you don’t have the camera icon, use the settings icon (little gear icon) to add it. Then open the camera icon and it’s under one of the options (not in the sim at the moment but I think it’s under “pilot”). You’ll see the option to select “copilot”.
At least one plane currently doesn’t have the option, but I know they were working on it.

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I have tried that it moves you to the seat but it’s a static view you will not be to cycle between views if you look left/right etc
the views will change as if you were still in the Captain seat

not by default, as stated there is a default view that resets with certain actions

it is possible to move that ‘default view’ in the configs, so by a mod or w/e, basically similar to how they do for tandom seating is centered rather than left side and heli’s are right side pilot

its a simple x, y, z coordinate in the camera.cfg if your interested
i have some mods for a cpl aircraft to change this default view as i use a ‘reset’ button to get back to forward - i dont use the silly snap views the game comes with

If you open the Camera menu from the toolbar, you can select the Cockpit View to the Copilot seat, and you can just fly as usual from there. But this is depending on the aircraft you use. If the aircraft is a single-seater like the F-18, then there’s no Copilot view that you can select.

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All I did was set the keyboard up/down /left/right arrow to work in control options and you decide when to release the keyboard button to set the exact position you want.I prefer landing from right seat slightly raised on 747, seem to somehow get better landings ,and makes for an interesting change/sensation compared with the normal view.