Is it safe yet to use 3rd-party add-ons on XBSX..?

I can’t keep up with all the latest developments, so I wondered if anyone could answer the question: Is it safe yet to use 3rd-party add-ons on XBSX…?

I have a fair few 3rd-party planes and airports I bought through MSFS 2020 Marketplace but I haven’t been able to use them for months because they crashed the sim. Has the situation improved?

On my XBSX, without any 3rd-party add-ons, I can run MSFS 2020 without any problems at all (I literally do not get any issues and it doesn’t crash), but it’s annoying to see so many lovely bought-and-paid-for-add-ons sitting idly in my list of uninstalled content.

Is the coast clear yet, or does the wait for a fix go on…?

Have you tried adding just one add-on at a time and testing it for a while to see if it actually causes a problem. Quite possible only one or a few add-ones are actually causing you problems, others may work just fine.

Here is a good thread on Marketplace items. There is also a spreadsheet link in the thread that we have been filling out to document add-ons whether they run ok or not with Xbox.

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Planes are pretty safe, but most airports or combinations of add-ons fail. Like runway enhancement and certain airports etc… Check the Addon compatibility and add some feedback if you can. After a year on Xbox and over 500 hours I gave up and went PC. Major difference. All my add-ons now work. They really shouldn’t sell airports on Xbox until they fix the crashes. Many airports are completely unusable.


Lots of scenery seem to make the console too hot from a couple of my friends. But all to most the aircraft they got seemed to work fine

In SU9, not really it doesn’t work well vanilla, in Beta, for the most part. I put 65 uninstalled items back on, testing each. Only KDCA and PHOG from my collection still ctd. But global shipping works again!

When XBox first started, almost all my addons worked. The only one that didn’t work well was the Switzerland DEM. But then each update, more and more started to break. I had about $3000 invested in addons, and more and more of them kept breaking every update. I too shifted to PC.

However, I have been helping out with the XBox testing for SU10. At the start of the beta, I tried all sorts of combinations that I knew would break XBox before, and they all seemed to work. So the good news is, addons will become significantly more stable with SU10 when it is released.


That’s good to hear. fingers crossed

Yes, I remember you went to an Alienware laptop. Your experience actually convinced me to fully pull the trigger. I’ve tested a lot and gave a lot of feedback and reported Bugs for SU10. Although performance was better overall, I still had so many add-ons that just don’t work. Even after a clean install with minimal to no add-ons I still had a good number of airports that wouldn’t allow me to spawn at all. Issues even started creeping into planes, like the HJet and others because of memory limits of Xbox. I still want Xbox to succeeded and will help where I can with Xbox. It’s just a shame that Xbox simmers can end up wasting money for addons in the marketplace that have a 50/50 chance of actually working.

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