MSFS Addon Compatibility List

  • Update 05/01/22: Expanded data for every entry, there is now two extra columns added for incompatabile add-ons and one extra column for incompatable peripherals. There is also a column added called “Link to Review”, which is for an optional link to any video review for the add-on in question.

  • There is now a README sheet that explains how to use the spreadsheet.

  • Update 28/12/21: Now an entry will be bold if it satisfies either one of two criteria: The entry has been updated in the last 3 months and a URL has been provided; or, the entry has been updated in the last 3 months and it has been categorised as “Green”. This is to help highlight entries that will be more representational of the experience others are likely to have with the add-on. If an entry is not bold, it may be outdated or an isolated case.

  • Update 23/12/21: Search function added, Add-on “type” criteria added, Support for multiple platforms (Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S/PC), Peripheral/Add-on/Software compatibility, Top contributor stats, Sort and search entries using multiple filters, Column headers now stick to the top of the screen as you scroll down

The MSFS Addon Compatibility List

This is a quick sheet I created so people can begin collecting a database of marketplace addons and their stability, which now supports both XBOX and PC platforms. This sheet was created to help people make more informed decisions regarding making purchases via the official marketplace, which can otherwise be made difficult because of compatibility issues between 3rd party addons and the XBOX testing environment, other add-ons, mods and peripherals, the simulator itself and the speed of updates deployed to the marketplace.

The sheet is hosted by Google Sheets and you can edit it with a browser on PC, or with the Sheets app on portable devices. If you have the option to view the desktop site on your phone’s browser, etc; you can edit it without downloading the app but it’s a bit clunky.

Clicking on the link at the bottom of this post takes you to a shared spreadsheet that anyone can edit, I will back it up regularly. Please do not to share this in other places.

Please absorb the relatively short README sheet before using, this can be found along the bottom of the spreadsheet alongside the Master Sheet and the Filter Sheet (these may appear at the top of the spreadsheet in some scenarios).

Quick Tips

  • If the name of a 3rd party developer/Add-on/Peripheral/etc is not showing in a drop down list; simply type the name in the box and it will automatically add it to the drop down list for future entries!

  • Please do not play with the formatting of your text or background colours.

  • All entries need to be checked now and again, so if you have used an add-on recently and confirm it’s still broken, or even fixed, please update the “last edit date” cell to reflect the entry is up-to-date.


I will see what I can do with it this weekend. I’ve got like 300 addons that I would have to inventory and see if working or not working.

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I don’t think I have any fully incompatible addons oin my Xbox.

I mean apart from Carenado’s Tablet bug, the blades in the 777F engine not turning and propably some general SU7 inconsistencies in other addons.

You’d have to redo this list after every Sim Update…

Don’t feel you have to do all of them, the idea is that everyone can pitch in as they try these add-ons out. :+1:

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Not really, people can just update the entry as they go, edit which box is ticked and change the comment.

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I also am aware that “non-functional” will be subjective to some degree. A high chance of crashing or things like key functions not working are what I’d call non-functional.

Some may find other issues enough to shelf the add-on for the time being, like I did with the spitfire before it was patched. Such a good plane to start cold and dark but Xbox incompatibility meant doors/canopy wouldn’t close.

Maybe it needs renaming to a traffic light system; red, yellow and green. We’ll see how it goes.

I have 2 of Carenados planes, what is the problem with the tablet? I have flown them both since the update and don’t see an issue. The only thing that’s a little annoying is the Sat Nav screen brightness is too low and it’s another one of those ones that have limited functionality as you can’t click to go back for example.

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Hmmm this brings up a good point. Maybe we need a counter to see the percentage of people that have issues or not with add ons.
Also are they on Xbox Series X or S?
Are they using controller or flight stick, keyboard, mouse.
Many variables can creep into the equation

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I don’t want to over complicate it too much, just give a useful list of Xbox add-ons and how they’re judged by the community and if they’re suffering compatibility issues; also provide links to keep up to date on any issues. If there are any variables at play then this is a good thing to add to the comments section.

I don’t hate the idea and it may be useful if the sheet evolves, so we’ll keep an eye on it and add it later if need be! As for Xbox series X or S, that’s a proper good shout and I’ll add that.

I’d quite like to incorporate a list on there that shows any upcoming Xbox releases.

I have made a few updates, it wasn’t as tricky as I thought so we now have a search/filter feature. Any issues or glitches, let me know.

There is also now the ability to select any add-ons or peripherals that you’ve noticed cause conflicts with the add-on you’re creating an entry for.

If you can’t see the name of the developer you need in the drop down list, please don’t try to add any names to the separate “Developer List” sheet anymore. Now you can just type the name of the developer into the developer column when making your entry as normal, and it will automatically add the name to the list of available options in the drop down menu for future entries; as long as it’s not been added before (to avoid duplicate names)!

Thanks to everyone for making entries thus-far.


@Calavera999 thanks for putting this together.

I’ve added to your sheet. I was keeping my own list, but glad I can share my experience with others.


Just added a bunch more, I hope it saves ok if you just close the window?

It does indeed!

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I should’ve edited this as I answered my own question by having a look. I used the Edge explorer off the console to do it so I had no idea how it will react.


Interesting to know it’s compatible with Edge on console. Did you try out the filter sheet? Would like to know it’s certainly working okay.

Did all of your entries relate to the XBOX platform? There’s a column now to choose which platform you’re on, as I made the sheet compatible with PC. A lot of people were saying their marketplace purchases on PC had issues of their own.

I can update your entries to specify Series S or X if you like, depending on which one you’re using!

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All I did was put entries in below the others after clicking the link from this post. I see it had Xbox at the top in one of the fields so I thought I was good to go. I’m sure you’ll see my pile down the bottom, I’m on Series X if you really want to make the appropriate adjustments. I really avoided clicking around too much in-case I screwed something up.

If you look now I’ve frozen the headers of the database so if you scroll down it stays on the screen, so you can see easier what information goes where. You’ve done fine, it’s hard to mess anything up, mate; I’ve locked any important cells and it shouldn’t let you make any errors.

Remember there’s always the “undo” button at the top if you want to revert a change that seems to do anything unexpected.

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Oh boy, some of those entries have been credited to me which isn’t right. I also see a few new ones so someone has entered more I think since I was last there. I forgot about Seafronts Core Library which I have but never made an entry for.

That’s cool, I thought they were you as I misread your last post. Easy to delete the name so no biggy!

You can either delete your name from those entries you didn’t input, or tell me which one was the last one you did and I’ll do it for you :+1:

Was the Eurofighter your last entry?

Under the Typhoon, Winter North Summer South Seasons, New Zealand Mesh were my entries, the rest aren’t. About 10 too many. Should work out about right then.