CTDs with Athens International Airport by FlyTampa and A320neo on Xbox

Yesterday i bought my first airport add-on, Athens by FlyTampa. But i keep getting CTD’s with the default A320. I havn’t tried other airplanes but i fly the A320 the most. I really want to buy some more airport add-ons but with this as my first experience, i really don’t know if i want to spend extra money on airports.

Are there any Xbox users who also have this experience?

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I have pilotplus bristol which is risky with ctds i have pyreegue Edinburgh no problems there and I have JSPCO palma de mallorca and that has no issues all on series x

Thx. Maybe just bad luck. Might try Edinburgh, nice to have airport in the North.

i got it for pc and all is fine,which is strange cause with pc,it reacts with hundreds of other addons with no problems

Ik have quite some addons also. Livery packs, enhanced runway, replacement of default ground service vehicles by the one used in that region, static aircraft replacement etc. Don’t know if that causes the problem.

i believe it might be the runway addon

There is a document maintained in the thread below to track which airports have problems (especially handy for us xbox users). Athens LGAV by FlyTampa is in the list as having problems on xbox (last checked end of Jan.). I usually consult this list before making most 3rd party purchases.

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Thank you so much guys. That list is very, very useful. Wish I knew it earlier.

I’m gonna give it one more try without the enhanced runway addon to be sure.

Good evening. I have a problem with Athens airport. I can never land if I take off there as soon as I do it kicks me out of the game!

Καλησπερα έχω και γώ πρόβλημα με το αεροδρόμιο της Αθήνα δεν μπορώ να προσγειωθω ποτέ αν απογειωθω εκεί μόλις το κάνω με πετάει από το παιχνίδι !

Same for me. Hope it can be fixed one day. But the developer don’t know what he should do. There are threads about it in the fly Tampa forums.

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