Drzewiecki Design - A rant about FPS

It’s not poor quality it’s just very high requirements. For example UUEE is using 10GB of VRAM in 1080p. Most people will be texture thrashing like a mofo trying to load these larger airports. So I agree there should be a warning on them stating their requirements in VRAM and resolution for extreme cases.

This airport does run very well though if you can load it into VRAM. That said if you run higher res than 1080 and have less than 11GB VRAM you are in trouble here. Add to that a bad airplane and some CPU based traffic and you can complicate things very quickly.

Again though UUEE is a beautiful airport and runs solid 60 FPS on my 1080ti with 11GB in 1080p. Keep in mind it will need to swap textures as you move through the scene in places and you will naturally notice a little bit of hitching as new data is loaded. The more VRAM you have the better and in this case you want more to buffer the swaps. If you can buffer the swap then you will have silky smooth performance. Unfortunately trying to push this in 4K means you need 24GB or more VRAM.

Only real problems I found with this Airport is some of the audio has been duplicated in a few spots and plays over top of itself. Some tweaking of the 3D audio positioning is needed and the duplicates removed. Otherwise this airport is a quite impressive. I run it even with the Russia Landmark pack and it’s running very well.

However looking forward the developer might want to consider offering some different levels of performance. Like perhaps an option with no static aircraft or even a lower res offering for people with lesser GPU. According to the data not many can run this airport very well. It does mean it will stand the test of time though and as people upgrade they will really start to appreciate it.

I would love to see Drzewiecki airports with animated people though. Which would increase the system memory and possibly the GPU a tad more but some of us can run it. Right now with this level of audio immersion and animation going on though this is some of the best work in the sim. If he can get animated people on the airports it would be of the highest level of fidelity the sim can offer at this time and his performance is quite good and getting better. Combine automata with audio and animation now for the next gen stuff.

Ok, so his stuff is on sale this week. I would really like to buy some of his airports like Washington and some in Poland. However, I’m on Series X and I see a lot of problems with his products on Xbox. Is this still the case, and if so, why the h*** are those products on sale knowing that it would not work on Xbox?


I have Chicago, Chicago Midway, and Seattle and have no issues. Sure it may drop FPS from time to time in a busy area, but nothing worth noticing.

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That’s great. For Xbox X/S?

Picked up KMDW on sale from the marketplace and the performance at the gate takes quite a hit with the static aircraft.

Unfortunately there is no option on the marketplace version to remove the static aircraft and there are no bgl files to disable it.
Airports looks really good and I cannot wait to upgrade my GPU this summer to enjoy it in it’s fully glory.

Own FSDT KORD and have zero performance issues.

Yes, according to the spreadsheet tracked in the thread below all Drzewiecki airports CTD on xbox (I only ever bought Narita and it is useless to me on xbox and I had to uninstall it). The Landmark packs seem to not be plagued by the same problems, but personally I’m avoiding their products completely until there is a confirmed update that fixes the known issues on xbox.

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I thought so… What I don’t understand is that why is it so prominently promoted on the Marketplace for Xbox… The airports are useless for Xbox and therefore it is very, very misleading.


Drzewiecki’s Chicago Landmarks is unusable on my system, which has no problem whatever running any other add-on in the MS Store. FPS is horrendous.

For all DD sceneries you need to have a GPU with more than 8 GB memory for it to run with enough fps. I have a 2080 Super with 8 GB and I get about 10-20 fps with Seattle, Chicago, KORD or Midway, whereas with other sceneries I barely get less than 35 fps with my current graphics settings.

People who have reported acceptable fps all had a GPU with at least 11 GB memory. However they also said that those 11 GB where pretty much all filled up, so it’s definately an optimization problem on DD’s side. On their forums, DD reported that on their machines the sceneries are all tested and running smoothly and without problems. But they also acknowledged that they have a pretty good computer with a RTX TI GPU which has more than 8 GB.

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Ive said it before, I don’t think theres any excuse for any Airport to be an FPS killer in this day and age. Some of the graphics I can get on my machine in other games are astonishing and when I look at a couple of static buildings with textures it shouldn’t drop a system.

I mean the most animation you get out of these sceneries is a couple of passengers walking and the odd flag!

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My 2060super is no way a fast GPU but it eats through 1080p just fine but unfortunately I am on 3440x1440 which is extremely demanding for this gpu and I simply cannot go back to 1080p. However I have been running texture resolution on ULTRA for way too long.Only up to yesterday I lowered it to High and all of a sudden every single payware airport including DD KMDW and FT KLAS was stuttering became butter smooth.From 7.4gb to now around 7.0gb.
Only disadvantage airport and runway surfaces have became slightly blurred.
Something I will have to bear with until I get a faster gpu with more vram.

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Have you tried setting texture filtering - quality to performance in NVCP 3D settings for FS?

I just picked up Krakow EPKK, on sale in marketplace and I have to say it looks amazing also includes EPKC & the Polish aviation museum & Krakow City landmarks & old town.
A bargain I think with 40% off.

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I think one of the keys to good performance with these 3rd party sceneries is to lower the in game “texture resolution” setting. These 3rd party addon’s all boast high resolution or 4K PBR textures, which effectively sap performance for no worthwhile visual gain.

I’ve been battling massive stutters while flying in VR near 3’rd party airports and scenery. Lowering the texture resolution setting from high to medium made a very measurable difference, and I can now fly pretty much anywhere without worry of stutters.

Remember to restart MSFS after changing the texture resolution setting. The sim requires a restart for the new setting to take effect.


that is why you need to do some research yourself always, before buying any addon!!!


I think I recall reading long ago that MSFS’s textures are natively 2k. 3rd party developers are luring purchasers with boasts of 4K textures. I’m starting to believe that this imbalance between native and 3rd party resolutions might be one of the issues that causes complication in finding the “right” settings. If you tune for MSFS’s 2k resolutions, 3rd party addons will likely create stutters. If you tune for 3rd party addons, MSFS native scenery looks blurry.

I don’t know… just thinking out loud.

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Even though I’m on xbox I plan to get a PC within the next 2 months (GPU prices finally coming down!) and so bought the 3 DD items on my list that I wanted fully aware of potential issues with xbox. Here is what I found with the addons I purchased and tried this weekend on xbox:

  • Seattle Landmarks. No issues on xbox and definitely worth it over the surprising bad default scenery (you would think MS being based in the area would have done a better job). The handcrafted water airports are a nice addition.
  • Krakow EPKK. The selling point for me was additional landmarks and an airport with the cool aviation museum. If I use simple GA planes it seems to work fine on xbox but trying to use airliners (e.g. A320) I get a CTD at gate. Acceptable to me as I mostly fly GA planes and this is a good value addon.
  • Chicago Landmarks. I knew going in this was a CTD magnet on xbox and low FPS on PC. As one of my favorite places to fly (with poor default scenery) I bought this for “future” use on PC. Interestingly, if I spawn over the city in a simple aircraft I can fly around with decent performance on xbox and then all of a sudden get a CTD after a few minutes. Perhaps there is some memory issue, but definitely pushing the limits of xbox I would guess. Still worth it to me for future use on PC as it’s such a huge upgrade over default Chicago.

I had previously purchased Narita a few months ago and tried it again recently with su9 beta. Airlines still CTD instantly on xbox but I can fly around in simple GA planes. I’m hoping when I get a PC I can finally enjoy this airport.

So, totally unusable on Xbox when flying airliners. I think it’s a shame it’s promoted in a sale this week.

In top of that, I asked the developer personally if it’s safe on Xbox. Yes, it’s totally safe is what he answered me. Total scam!

Just because it doesn’t meet your personal expectations, doesn’t make it a scam.

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To be fair I already knew of the problems on xbox having researched in detail and only purchased because of the sale and I plan on getting a PC soon and the marketplace purchases will transfer. I do agree it is misleading if the developer said there were no problems with xbox as the issues are well known in the forums. In general the airports and landmark packs for DD get excellent reviews on PC, so the real problem is misleading xbox users.

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