Very poor Xbox customer support. Outrageous

You make great points here, especially update compatibility. Hmmm…

I had Bijan Ships and Boats installed on Xbox and everything seemed fine for several weeks. Now I intended to land in Madrid and not until then I realised that huge spikes came out of Madrid and the airport was a mess. Uninstalling Ships and Boats did the trick and now Madrid and its Barajas airport are nice and clean again. So I paid for something that I cannot use as advertised but a few weeks went by since. What now? :thinking:

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Right now I’m just happy the game launches (Xbox s) I recently bought the Honda jet and it’s absolutely amazing, you can also link your navigraph charts, again for Xbox this is incredible. My biggest issue is pretty much all my UK addons I purchased are crashing my game, I cannot use Gatwick with the scenery I bought, instant crash, I can’t use London city airport with the add on I bought, I also purchased London improved scenery but this also crashes, all I can do is pretty much flights no longer than 40 minutes and from airports where I have not purchased any addons. I tried refund but no success. Still happy with the Honda Jet, if anyone is on the fence about this marketplace addon for Xbox, trust me it’s worth it .

It’s frustrating I know. However how long after purchase did you request a refund? If you wait a few weeks they will deny it. I’ve had no issues being refunded but I never wait more than 24hrs before requesting it.

I experienced this pathetic lack of customer support recently myself. Similar situation. I purchased a DLC airport from the Marketplace for Xbox. The content will not work. It causes CTD every single time.

I requested a refund and received a denial based on “too many refund requests”. I only recall one refund request but regardless, it should not matter. The product I purchased is defective and MS knows it is.

I reached out to the 3rd party developer simply to give them situational awareness only. I was not upset with the developer, just disappointed. Their response was enlightening and they acknowledged MS and Asobo will not allow 3rd party developers to test their product on the Xbox before going to the marketplace for purchase. MS and Asobo are supposed do it, but it appears it is not being done.

So, I purchased a defective product and MS will not give me my money back. I requested the refund within a day or purchase. Absolutely unacceptable customer service and support and I wonder if this practice is even legal? I am going to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I would encourage others to be aware of this unacceptable and outrageous practice by MS.


Here is the response I got back from the 3rd party developer (sharing with their permission…):

“…Thank you for reaching out to me. I believe that it may be an issue with all 3rd party airports as multiple devs have reported issues. Unfortunately, it seems to maybe be an XBOX thing; as we have to send our content to Asobo for testing and they verify/test/load up with it and approve it. We do not have the capabilities to test an “XBOX” version. We can only try and optimize to the best of our abilities…”


I’d suggest writing a concise, polite paper letter, with receipts and simple explanation attached, to both Phil Spencer (head of Xbox), and Jorg Neumann (head of MSFS). Mail it to Microsoft HQ and they’ll route it to them. This is the reason I have not had confidence to spend money in the MSFS marketplace on Xbox - if the sim is unstable, potentially causing 3rd party products to also be unstable (or they’re unstable on their own) there isn’t much recourse.


It really is an utterly absurd system, especially when MS/Asobo isn’t even testing the content and blames developers who can’t even test the products on an Xbox.

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Send a private message to @Jummivana with your Zendesk ticket number.

Zendesk is not Xbox support but rather support for MSFS only.

The purchase are through an in game store. So “Xbox support” will only differ to the game support. In this case Zandesk…

I’m about to submit add-ons I’ve purchased from the marketplace for refund also - they cause CTD as soon as I’ve spawned in to a purchased airport or even using purchased ground equipment packs.
I live in Australia and we have very strict laws retailers MUST follow otherwise they face up to $50k fines per purchase made.
I think it’s pretty ■■■■■■ that items in the marketplace are not tested before release - what’s the point of having them in the marketplace at all? I assumed if they’re available there then they’re going to work.
I’ve also submitted feedback to Microsoft saying they need a separate feedback and error reporting portal for Xbox users as time after time I see things like “weather and clouds not looking right” upvoted to the top of the fix list, while Xbox issues (such as the CTD issue) are way down the list and not being given the attention it needs. I understand that PC users are more prolific, but why should aesthetic issues be given priority over system failures just because more users upvote them? I’ve spent way too much on hardware just to fly this sim on Xbox and not about to move to PC just because the developers won’t prioritise fixes for console. I understand it’s a heavy platform, but it was designed to play on the latest Xbox consoles - and it worked fine a couple of SU’s ago! (Excluding the dumpster fire known as SU9).


They actually DO test the addons. However, the test equipment is not an actual XBox. It is a PC running an XBox emulator. The emulator gives false positives. Somethings that fail directly on an XBox will work in the emulator.


Can you let me know how you get to what you’re showing in the first screenshots please? Is it in the Xbox app or?? I’m currently trying to get a refund through emailing with someone and it’s an absolute nightmare. I didn’t find an automated section. Thank you.

I think testing it on an “emulator” isn’t relevant - so for me its equivalent of not testing at all and highlights extremely poor QA policies/procedures. I will not (its a rule for me) purchase anything for Xbox until I’ve seen reviews that confirm the product works properly with no CTDs on Xbox.
Its a situation that must be improved if Marketplace is to be a success.

They need to go out and buy a couple of Xboxes and make sure there aren’t any obvious problems, that’s all - basic, very basic QA which we shouldn’t have to be pointing out to them


Strength is in Numbers. If we all stop buying it they will change their policy. The rich don’t like missing money. It would have to be Xbox users against MS and we would have to stand strong and not buy anything for months before they pay any attention to our issues. We Xbox users fund the development for PC and that is the bottom line. I just bought the a319 and can’t even fly it as well as the DC6 I purchased almost 7 months ago on Xbox x. I stand with the people and we the people need to stand together. I will not purchase anything until these issues are corrected. But myself alone can not cause a dent in their pockets, so until then we will continue to voice our opinions on how we are being treated. We must be the change we want to see and not rely on Big Corporation to think about us.


Hey y’all! This is my first post. I have the Xbox series x. Can I suggest that we let each other know what doesn’t work for the Series S or X? I’ve only purchased a few things with no problems.

There are a few threads like this already.

This is recent:

This was pretty active for awhile. I haven’t reviewed it in a long time. It’s got a spreadsheet:


If you all update to the latest beta update… EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY. Yes, you read that right. I now have zero problems with anything I’ve purchased. Turns out, it was all a problem with the sim itself and not the products in the marketplace.

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I’ve seen a substantial reduction in CTDs with SU10 and SU11 Beta, but I wouldn’t say it’s perfect. I got a CTD with a marketplace scenery while in drone cam last night, and another CTD at an add-on airport. But definitely a step in the right direction! I’m on Xbox Series X.


It’s still hit and miss with SU11 beta.
For example Fly Tampa Vegas, I had to uninstall the airport portion of the add-on to avoid any CTD.

I’m running Xbox Series X

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